Home Health More and more men dissatisfied with their genitals, that’s when cosmetic surgery is really needed

More and more men dissatisfied with their genitals, that’s when cosmetic surgery is really needed

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More and more men dissatisfied with their genitals, that’s when cosmetic surgery is really needed

There are those who really need help, but there are many who turn to the urologist to solve problems that often exist only in their heads. We are talking about cosmetic surgery of the male genitalia, a delicate subject, to which an authoritative magazine like l’International Journal of Impotence Research has dedicated a special issue. “Since the appearance of civilization, men have been concerned with the shape and size of their genitals – he recalls Ege Can Serefoglu of the Istanbul University in the editorial -. Several studies show that more than half of men are not satisfied with it, even if from an anatomical point of view they are perfectly normal “.

Many economic interests

And behind this insecurity there are also economic interests. “In recent years, advertisements for non-validated and in some cases risky products or interventions have multiplied – explains the urologist Celeste Manfredi Luigi Vanvitelli University of Naples, who edited the publication together with Javier Romero-Otero of the University of Madrid -. This is why we have given voice to the most authoritative experts to highlight the potential and limits of the various interventions “.

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The requests for reconstructive interventions are growing

“Today the requests for reconstructive interventions following previous operations made necessary by a tumor or a trauma are increasing – underlines the urologist Paolo Version of the University of Salerno, one of the authors of the published studies -. But we get more and more solicitations from young males who are not satisfied with their genitals and who ask for a real facelift. Questions among the most difficult to satisfy “.

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The problem is the size, length or shape of the organ, “but in almost all cases they are subjects with a normal penis”, assures Verze. And more and more often we speak of dysmorphopenophobia to indicate the condition of those who, for no reason, see their penis too small: “It is unlikely that an operation that at best makes you gain a few centimeters will satisfy an especially psychological discomfort – warns Manfredi – . In these cases, especially when an erectile dysfunction is accompanied by an erroneous perception of the size of one’s genitals, it would make sense to consult a sexologist “. The problem is that the old locker room syndrome, the anxiety of comparing the genitals with those of one’s peers, has been replaced by pornography, “increasingly used by boys and girls, which gives a distorted, non-physiological view of sexuality”, Verze explains.

Small or large sexual organ?

But when can a penis be said to be too small? “There is no real standard: there are criteria for defining a micropenis, less than seven centimeters in erection: the fundamental concept is that the size of the penis should never be evaluated in conditions of rest”, continues Verze.

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Urologists suggest referring to female physiology: “Normally the penis enters the vaginal canal for 7/8 centimeters”, recalls the expert. And the data show that it is mainly males who complain, while women generally say they are satisfied. “Let’s say that the average length of an erect penis ranges from 10.5 to 16 centimeters”, adds Manfredi. “We also know that the size of the genitals is not related to height, to the size of the hands or feet as was once thought and, it seems, not even to ethnicity”.

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The most bizarre remedies on the Internet

Unfortunately, just go to the Internet to find the most bizarre remedies: from pills to traction devices, “which in addition to not being effective are often also dangerous”, underlines Manfredi. And there are highly advertised aesthetic treatments, such as injections of hyaluronic acid or autologous fat – taken from the patient himself – which however are reabsorbed over time, or other procedures that allow you to gain a few millimeters in a flaccid penis, but do not change anything compared to the length in erection.

Obviously there are cases in which it is necessary to intervene on those who have suffered trauma or mutilation due to oncological pathologies, “or on congenital malformations, and in some cases also to remedy unsuccessful cosmetic surgery”, explains Verze. “We remind you that the corpora cavernosa that make up the structure of the penis cannot be lengthened: in case of mutilation a reconstructive intervention is necessary”, he specifies Marco Capeceresearcher at the Federico II University of Naples.

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The least invasive methods

But there are also less invasive interventions: “In highly overweight patients, for example, the adipose panel that hides the penis is eliminated, which thus appears longer, or in other cases it is intervened to dissect the suspensory ligament that holds it” , adds Capece. But, she concludes, when there are no physiological reasons “the risk-benefit ratio must be carefully evaluated, and it is important to realize how realistic the patient’s expectations are”. In summary? “We still have few studies and often there is a lack of reliable information on complications – remind Manfredi and Romero – Otero to colleagues and patients -. Without forgetting the importance of contacting a competent and qualified specialist”.

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