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“More beds, lack of new hires”

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“More beds, lack of new hires”

Fp-Cgil have reported a failure to increase the workforce, between nurses and Oss, after the increase in medical beds. Urgent meeting requested

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Per tutti questi motivi è stato chiesto all'azienda un incontro urgente per discutere sull'assunzione di nuovo personale.

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CHICKPEAS FLOUR PIE – The management of the North West Tuscany Local Health Authority has increased the places available for the hospitalization of patients in the general medicine department of the Cecina hospital, bringing them from 34 to 40. Faced with this increase, FP-CGIL have denounced a failure increase in staff. Topic on which it will be necessary to discuss with the company management.

A reorganization implemented, as far as we understand, to also deal with a possible increase in Covid cases. – commented Simone Assirelli (Fp-Cgil official in the province of Livorno with responsibility for health) and Marusca Guarguaglini (Fp-Cgil delegate in the province of Livorno) – However, it would be desirable for the company to hire additional personnel, especially if the number of Covid patients. All this in order to guarantee citizens an excellent and high-level service as always”.

“According to our estimates – they continued – for the general medicine department 20 nurses and social health workers (Oss) would now need to be hired. The workers of the department have been at the forefront for two years to guarantee optimal levels of care and assistance as always, and it would not be right or appropriate to ask them for more sacrifices. New hires must be made, the company’s continued request for extra time work is no longer sustainable”.

The critical issues, as the union points out, do not concern only the medical department. “In fact, we point out that a also understaffed in intensive care, dialysis and emergency departments: the places vacated by retired employees have in fact been replaced only in part”.

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For all these reasons, the company was asked to hold an urgent meeting to discuss the recruitment of new personnel.

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