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more funds for telemedicine and home care

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more funds for telemedicine and home care

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Press release no. 59
Date of the press release December 1, 2023

PNRR, Schillaci: more funds for telemedicine and home care

Remodulation of Mission 6 Health guarantees the implementation of all interventions

“The remodulation of mission 6 of the PNRR approved by the EU Commission has allowed us to increase the funds allocated to telemedicine and home care: 750 million which go to strengthen interventions for the full implementation of local care and management of chronic conditions, necessary to provide more effective responses to the health needs of the most vulnerable population groups and the elderly in particular. It is a very positive result in terms of increased performance: there is no defunding, all the initially planned interventions will be carried out and the offer is increased thanks to the renegotiation work of Mission 6”.

This is what the Minister of Health, Orazio Schillaci, declares.

During the technical meeting last November 17 with the European Commission, the Ministry of Health obtained, in conjunction with the Mission Structure of the Presidency of the Council, the redistribution of 750 million towards home care and telemedicine interventions relating to the investment “Home as the first place of care and telemedicine” (Component 1).

As regards home care, the investment is increased by 250 million euros to take care of 842 thousand over 65s by June 2026 (42 thousand more than the initial target).

Instead, resources for Telemedicine will increase by 500 million euros with an increase in the final target of 100,000 people for a total of 300,000 assisted with Telemedicine services by the end of 2025.

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With reference to structural investments, due to the average increase in the costs of construction materials and in some cases delays due to the need to find additional financing (generally estimated at +30%), they were rescheduled, without forecasts of defunding of individual measures, nor changes with respect to the programming of institutional development contracts, the European targets referring to community houses (from 1350 to 1038); Territorial operations centers (from 600 to 480); Community Hospitals (from 400 to 307); anti-seismic interventions (from 109 to 84); intensive care and medical area beds (overall from 7,700 to 5,922).

To guarantee the realization of all the structures and all the interventions as initially planned, the use of alternative funds is envisaged such as the resources from the Program Agreement pursuant to art. 20 L. 67/88 and any resources derived from funds for cohesion policies as well as the additional resources of the Indifferable Works Fund, for the years 2022 and 2023, established to deal with the exceptional increase in construction materials in public procurement and resources deriving from from regional/provincial budgets.

The Plan, regarding Mission 6, has also undergone changes with respect to digitalisation. In particular, for the measure referring to the digitalisation of the DEA, as requested by the Regions, the possibility of using CONSIP tools in addition to those reported with the end of December 2022 milestone and the electronic public administration market (Mepa/SDAPA) has been clarified ) for ancillary purchases. For the investment intervention of large equipment, the possibility of purchasing new equipment that is more technologically advanced than that initially indicated was clarified, as well as the possibility of reusing replaced equipment that is still functional, also with a view to enhancing the performance offering and reducing the waiting lists.

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The main intent of the remodeling of Mission 6 was aimed at overcoming the current and potential critical issues related to the general increase in the cost of raw materials, redefining the minimum community targets and the implementation timescales on a prudential basis, in order to guarantee the provision of the resources provided at national level.

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