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More funds to emergency rooms and those who attack a doctor risk up to 5 years in prison

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Higher salaries, the option to choose part-time work at the end of one’s career and then the possibility of collecting heavier pensions. Here are the new incentives contained in the bills decree that has just landed in the Official Gazette to try to keep doctors and nurses in the trench of the emergency room from which everyone wants to escape, starting with the new recruits. Not only that: against the scourge of assaults in the ward, from now on, the official procedure will start (without the need for a lawsuit) and anyone who strikes a doctor will risk from two to five years in prison+.

Doctors: “Emergency room at risk of interruption”

“The emergency room system in Italy is in a condition of real national emergency, to the point that in many structures in the country there is a concrete and daily risk of service interruption”, warns the Italian Society of Emergency Medicine (Simeu ) who welcomes the latest decree approved by the Government which contains various measures for first aid and “represents the first concrete recognition of the strenuous nature of the emergency”. «Until today, working in an emergency has meant very heavy shifts and often little economic and professional gratification. We are putting in place all the conditions to make work in the emergency room more attractive and to ensure that people choose to enter and remain in the health service”, underlined the Minister of Health, Orazio Schillaci.

Higher salaries and pensions for emergency room workers

In particular, the package of measures for first aid provides first of all that the allowance for emergency-urgency personnel will start immediately from 1 June and no longer from 2024 as envisaged by the maneuver which has allocated 200 million for this objective. There is also an increase in the hourly rate for additional services in emergency rooms which can be paid up to a gross amount of 100 euros. For the purposes of accessing the old-age pension and the early retirement, the decree also recognizes the increase in the age to which the transformation coefficient is to be applied, equal to two months for each year of activity actually carried out in the emergency rooms for a maximum limit of twenty-four months and for retirement up to 30 June 2032.

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The other measures to stem the personnel shortage

To remedy the issue of the shortage of health personnel in emergency rooms until 2025, temporary workers who have worked “in critical areas” for at least 3 years will be able to participate in the competitions even if “they do not have any specialization diploma”. And “on an experimental basis” the postgraduates outside the training hours will be able to take on freelance positions in the emergency rooms for a maximum of 8 hours a week and with a gross salary of 40 euros. Not only always until 2025 those who work in emergency rooms and meet the requirements for early retirement will be able to ask for part-time work “until the age limit is reached”.

Prison of up to five years for those who attack healthcare workers

Against the emergency of attacks on health care workers in hospital wards – there have been 5,000 in the last 3 years according to official complaints to Inail – the penal code has also been modified by tightening the penalty for personal injuries when the offended person is exercising a profession health or social health in the exercise or because of the functions or service. In practice, from now on the official prosecution will start (the lawsuit of the attacked doctor will no longer necessarily be needed to start the procedure) and then the imprisonment will be increased from 2 to 5 years even in the case of minor or very serious injuries.

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