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More strength to the Tesla charging network: “Triple stations within two years”

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The challenge is this: to triple the size of its global fast-charging network within the next two years. Thus Tesla is preparing to strengthen the diffusion of its columns, according to a strategy explained in detail by Andrew David Baglino himself, Tesla Senior Vice President: “The network – explained the manager – has doubled in the last 18 months and we expect to triple it in the next two years”. As of the end of September, according to the quarterly report, Tesla had 3,254 Supercharger locations around the world with 29,281 charging points. Compared to the third quarter of 2020, this means that the charging network has grown by about 50 percent. According to Baglino, Tesla’s senior vice president, engine and battery engineering, the expansion is intended not only to serve new areas, but also to strengthen presence in regions with particular demand.


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by Vincenzo Borgomeo

“The team monitors congestion and plans for expansion to ensure a customer experience with minimal wait times,” Baglino said. “While we certainly have work to do to expand capacity in some congested areas, the average congestion on the network has decreased over the past 18 months. However, we are not standing still.” To compensate for the “existing congestion” in some locations, Tesla plans to take several measures. In some cases, mobile Superchargers will also be installed. Secondly, Baglino announced pricing strategies “that encourage greater use outside peak hours to avoid long waiting times”.

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