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more than 1800 euros a day to hire doctors and not close the wards

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more than 1800 euros a day to hire doctors and not close the wards

TREVISO – Also more than 1,800 euros a day for a doctor. Is this the price, literally, that theUsl of the Brand is forced to pay to meet the shortage of doctors in hospitals. They can not be found specialists. The only alternative is to contact the cooperative and the private market for white coats. And the increase in demand has led to a rate increase. In the last period they have risen by more than 40%. «It went from 70 euros to 100 euros per hour. These are today’s market prices Francesco Benazzi, director general of the Local Health Authority, spreads his arms after all, on our part we must ensure that there is no interruption of public service. In any case, the figures are not far from the 100 euros per hour for the free corporate profession of our employees».

Doctors are missing, departments at risk of closure

But this is not enough. More doctors are needed to avoid the risk of having to close wards. The last case concerns the Medicine of the Montebelluna hospital. It was necessary to go to the private sector “considering the situation of shortage of medical personnel and the persistence of the state of severe criticality of the workforce” they explain from the health company. The on-call service has been entrusted to the Global Care Onlus social cooperative of Vercelli. The latter will provide the doctors necessary to cover a total of 40 shifts in the ward, 12 hours each, for the next three months. «The cost is equal to 1,200 euros for a single 12-hour shift as specified by the Local Health Authority for a total cost of 48 thousand euros». Figures are gross. The fact is that the extent of the expenditure is this. It’s not all. The price for the radiology guard, still in the Montebelluna hospital, was even higher. Anthesys Servizi, a cooperative company in Chirignago, will provide the necessary personnel for 1,872 euros for each individual 12-hour daytime service slot. It means at 156 euros per hour. While for night shifts, in any case for 12 hours, the figure is 1,392 euros (116 euros per hour). All for 79 shifts (32 during the day and 47 at night) especially on weekends, from Friday night to Sunday night, for a total cost of over 125 thousand euros.

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But there is not only Montebelluna. The anesthesia on-call service of the Oderzo hospital has also been outsourced. So Anthesys Servizi was called upon to cover 96 12-hour shifts. In this case, the healthcare company will pay 1,392 euros for each 12-hour slot (116 euros per hour). For a total bill of 133 thousand euros. Identical speech for the anesthesiological guard of the Vittorio Veneto hospital. And Anthesys Servizi is also covering 10 shifts a month for the anesthesiology guard of Montebelluna, compared to 1,392 euros for each 12-hour service. It costs a little less to cover the territorial and outpatient emergency medical service in the Oderzo emergency room: the Castel Monte social cooperative is guaranteeing a total of 135 shifts for 1,008 euros every 12 hours (84 euros per hour). The total bill amounts to 136 thousand euros. At the same time, the outsourcing of part of the obstetrics and gynecology on-call service of the Castelfranco hospital was renewed. Here it’s up to the company Medical Line Consulting Srl of Rome. The total expenditure is almost 58 thousand euros.

The company entrusted with the management of the orthopedic clinics in the hospitals of Montebelluna and Castelfranco also comes from Rome. This is International Medical System Srl. The service was awarded for 1,400 euros for each 12-hour shift and 400 euros for each single night-time availability, always 12 hours. Finally, we continue with the outsourcing of the pediatric guard in the hospitals of Conegliano and Vittorio Veneto. The Pediacoop cooperative of Domodossola has undertaken to guarantee the personnel necessary to cover 90 twelve-hour shifts at a cost of 1,200 euros per shift. The total is close to 110 thousand euros.

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