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Motherhood: the extra love – the Republic

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“It is the relationship that sets in motion the physiological and cerebral mechanisms that predispose to treatment” explains a study published in Nature who analyzed how much hormones and the external environment regulate the evolution of a love. At this study, the new issue of Salute (on newsstands November 25 with the Republic, the print and the newspapers of the Gedi Group) dedicates the cover story.

Pregnancy and motherhood in the time of Covid: anxiety and uncertainty also threaten the development of the child

by sabrina pignataro

“There is little doubt that the relationship with a child is also determined by culture and society. Science has only recently begun to address the issue, beginning to clarify a complex intertwining that does not only concern biological motherhood, but the very concept of relationship “, writes Paola Emila Cicerone in the long investigation dedicated to one of the most complex issues to be faced, that of the” good mother “and the mythical maternal instinct.

Integrated oncology, increasingly based on scientific evidence

by Tiziana Moriconi

The state of health of cancer research is mentioned in the editorial signed by the director Daniela Minerva who relaunches the initiative proposed by Silvio Monfardini, a noble father of oncology, former president of the European society (Esmo), of the Italian one (Aiom) and then of the international one (of geriatric oncology) published on Cancer World. Daniela Minerva explains: “Let’s do like the French and the Americans (at the top of the world for cancer research) and equip ourselves with a National Institute for Cancer Research. An agency that avoids duplication, harmonizes the work of researchers. together the many and scattered rumors of financing and the convoys on credible projects “.

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Heart door

Pressure to the limits? Here’s what to do

at Federico Mereta

It is dedicated to nutrition, salt, the Health Guide, one of the foods in the dock as a cause of hypertension and heart damage. And if the WHO has included among its objectives of the Global Action Plan that of reducing the daily consumption of salt by 30% by 2025, the doctors explain why sodium must not be lacking. So? Experts explain how to find the right balance.

The characters of this month are Stefano Accorsi, actor who, interviewed by Guido Andruetto, explains his idea of ​​”normality” and “well-being” and the great scientist Jeffrey Gordon. Considered the father of the “microbiota”, it accompanies us on a journey of knowledge in the infinitely small world of these organisms that are concentrated in the intestine: a universe on which our state of health depends.

Rocco Papaleo: Me, Verdone, and the weaknesses of doctors

by Guido Andruetto

In the Medicine section we talk about the Nobel and why it is so important that the prestigious award for Medicine has been given to Ardem Patapoutian molecular biologist e Davide Julius, physiologist, for their study on the perception of the senses. Tina Simionello explains narcolepsy, a disorder that can cause brain damage, while in the Wellness section, we tell the book by Claudio Magris, “Le Toppe di Arlecchino” in which the writer and academic from Trieste tackles the theme of colors, for him real knowledge tools.

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Health goal: here’s how to learn how to regenerate our body

by Paola Emilia Cicerone

Francesco Franchi advises how to ride a bicycle in solitude but also in safety and Irene Scalise teaches the four phases of conscious breathing regulation, an excellent anti-stress. Watch out for Christmas gifts instead. “We do not donate a puppy under the tree if it is not a conscious choice” recommends veterinary Sara Sechi in her column. This month the Itinerary takes us to the Thermal Francigena, between paths and hot baths. In relaxation.


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