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Mount Sinai Hospital Renames Cardiology Services in Honor of Valentín Fuster

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Mount Sinai Hospital Renames Cardiology Services in Honor of Valentín Fuster

Mount Sinai Hospital Network in New York Renames Cardiology Services to Mount Sinai Fuster Heart Hospital

The renowned Mount Sinai hospital network in New York has decided to change the name of its cardiology services in honor of Valentín Fuster, who has led Mount Sinai cardiology since 1994. The new name, Mount Sinai Fuster Heart Hospital, reflects the significant contributions Fuster has made to the field. Mount Sinai’s cardiology services, previously known as Mount Sinai Heart, treat approximately 100,000 patients each year.

Valentín Fuster, a respected cardiologist, scientist, and leader, has helped make Mount Sinai cardiology the fourth-best in the world, according to a recent ranking by Newsweek and Statista. Fuster has been instrumental in integrating various aspects of cardiology into a single institute, including nursing, introducing innovative diagnostic techniques and therapies, and promoting public health programs locally and globally.

The tribute dinner in honor of Fuster, where the name change was announced, took place at the Pierre Hotel in New York. Dennis Charney, the dean of the Mount Sinai School of Medicine, expressed admiration for Fuster’s work, stating, “He is a model as a doctor, as a scientist, and as a person. We want our hospitals to maintain his vision.”

Fuster, who believes there is still much to do to establish a global culture of global health, has dedicated himself to mentoring young doctors and researchers at Mount Sinai and addressing the challenges of prevention. The Barcelona cardiologist began his career at Mount Sinai in 1982 and later spent three years in Boston before returning to Mount Sinai in 1994 as the director of the hospital’s Cardiovascular Institute.

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In addition to his clinical work, Fuster has contributed significantly to cardiovascular research. He has conducted research on the molecular causes of heart attacks, introduced innovative therapies for heart disease prevention, and examined the socioeconomic and cultural factors influencing cardiovascular health. Fuster’s scientific achievements have earned him the highest-ranking scientific awards from the world‘s major cardiology organizations.

The Newsweek and Statista ranking, which positions Mount Sinai as the fourth-best hospital in the world in cardiology, takes into account evaluations from doctors, patient care outcomes, and hospital quality accreditations. The top three hospitals in the ranking are the Cleveland Clinic, the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, and Massachusetts General Hospital. In Spain, the La Paz hospital in Madrid ranks 16th in the world for cardiology.

The renaming of Mount Sinai’s cardiology services reflects the institution’s recognition of Valentín Fuster’s exceptional contributions and dedication to advancing the field of cardiology. The new name, Mount Sinai Fuster Heart Hospital, symbolizes the legacy of Fuster’s leadership and vision in improving patient care and cardiovascular health.

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