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Movement, stop smoking and pay attention to the sun. The recipe for health

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Movement, stop smoking and pay attention to the sun.  The recipe for health

“As a sportsman, I strongly perceive the responsibility of sending positive messages. You become ‘someone’ not only thanks to talent, but to constant training, physical, nutritional and mental, in order not to give up in difficult moments, which exist and require us to find the strength to start again. I have always made healthy eating a value. Fortunately, my children eat fruit and vegetables without obligation, we have planted tomatoes and salad at home, so they know the importance of good food “. Words of Simone Perotta, world champion footballer in 2006, who in Tropea, where the Festival of the 5 colors is taking place, received the ‘Sport’ award. Together with him they were awarded Piero Angelafor his great commitment as a science communicator, and the Harvard professor Walter Willettfor studies on the Mediterranean diet.

Mild weight drops can reduce the risk of colorectal cancer

at Barbara Orrico

01 February 2022

Gender prevention: why women are more at risk

“20% of lung cancer cases are due to cigarette smoking,” he said Saverio Cinieri, president of AIOM (Italian Association of Medical Oncology) -. The risk in women is double compared to men, because he has a greater predisposition to get sick, due to biological and molecular differences. The same is true for excessive alcohol consumption: the possibility of developing a related tumor is double in the female sex, because the enzyme that eliminates its toxicity is not present in their body. For this reason, the advice is to eliminate cigarettes, do not overdo alcohol and practice daily physical activity, which prevents 40% of neoplasms “.

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Lung cancer, prevention starts from schools

by Dario Rubino

18 Maggio 2022

Protect yourself from the sun, even at the table

“One of the most common bad habits in the population is excessive exposure to the sun – he added Paolo Ascierto, Director of the Melanoma Oncology Unit, Oncological Immunotherapy and Innovative Therapies of Pascale di Napoli and President of the Melanoma Foundation -. Melanoma is today one of the few cancers that are on the rise due to a lack of attention to the sun in the summer months and in the mountains in winter. Furthermore, tanning beds are extremely dangerous for health: in many countries, including Italy, they are even forbidden to minors. Applying an adequate sun protection factor, wearing clothes that cover us from the rays in the central hours of the day, having periodic checks by the dermatologist are small attentions that allow us to keep the most dangerous of skin neoplasms at bay. Even food can come to our aid: some elements contained in tomatoes, broccoli, rocket and green tea make them useful food for prevention “.

Melanoma, an app helps prevent it

at Barbara Orrico

05 April 2022

Few rules, valid for everyone

We are not only talking about tumors, but also about cardiovascular diseases. “Stroke affects approximately 185 thousand people each year and represents one of the top three causes of death, along with cancer and heart disease – he concluded. Paola Santalucia, President-elect ISA-AII, Italian Stroke Association -. The most at risk are men over 65: the number of patients is expected to increase in the coming years due to the increase in the average age of the population. Prevention for this type of event often also passes from the table, in particular from the foods at the base of the pyramid of the Mediterranean diet. Fruits and vegetables have positive effects on cerebrovascular problems. It is important to reduce the consumption of salt and meat, to maintain an adequate body weight and to exercise. “

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National Cancer Patient Day: the 5 points on which the future of patients is at stake

by Tiziana Moriconi

12 Maggio 2022

On this third day of the Festival which will end on May 22, Professor Ettore NovellinoProfessor of Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Toxicology at the Catholic University of Rome, then underlined the importance of nutraceuticals for good health: “Being well means first of all maintaining a state of well-being, which can be achieved both through physical exercise daily and what we put on the table, both with the use of ‘drugs for healthy’, nutraceuticals. These are foods that contain fundamental elements to prevent and delay many diseases, especially those of old age. It is a new discipline – he concludes – which starts from an important premise: it doesn’t just matter how much you live but also how “.

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