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Multiple sclerosis, the ‘Welcome back Gardensia’ campaign begins – Healthcare

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Multiple sclerosis, the ‘Welcome back Gardensia’ campaign begins – Healthcare

With ‘Bentornata Gardensia’, the Italian Multiple Sclerosis Association (Aism) brings gardenias and hydrangeas to Italian squares for International Women’s Day. The event, which takes place under the High Patronage of the President of the Republic, invites everyone to participate by choosing a plant to support scientific research on multiple sclerosis and related pathologies.
From 8 to 10 March, 14 thousand volunteers in around 5 thousand squares will invite people to donate and spread hope. Multiple sclerosis is in fact one of the most serious diseases of the central nervous system and often causes disability, even serious ones. In Italy, there are 140 thousand people affected by multiple sclerosis, 3,600 new cases every year: 1 every 3 hours. Research over the last 20 years has made great strides to ensure effective treatments that have changed the impact on daily quality of life. But the causes of the disease are still unknown.
There is also a solidarity number available to donate: 45512 which allows you to raise other funds for research and, specifically, for the “Promopro-Ms digital edition” project, an app that contributes to the personalization of therapeutic treatments, promoted by Fism , the Aism foundation to evaluate the progression of the disease and predict its progress.
To represent the female universe and the bond between women, those most affected by multiple sclerosis are Chiara Francini, Aism Ambassador and face of the Gardensia campaign and Antonella Ferrari, Godmother of Aism, who underlines “the importance of flourishing together”.

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