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Munich healthcare startup Floy: Our AI can save lives

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Munich healthcare startup Floy: Our AI can save lives

12.07.2023 – 18:38

Floy GmbH

Munich (ots)

Floy empowers radiologists with artificial intelligence and forms 100th partnership

“Maximize. Human. Health.” Floy GmbH has set out under this motto to inform radiologists about the presence of abnormalities that are difficult to detect. The Munich startup developed the Floy AI for this purpose. This artificial intelligence examines MRI and CT images, marking anomalies for the radiologist. The young company is now reporting a milestone: the 100th partnership with radiology practices.

Floy AI makes radiologists even better and can save lives

“Floy focuses on the reliable detection of critical incidental findings,” says Benedikt Schneider, one of the two founders of Floy. “In a hurry, radiologists focus on the patient’s main complaints and detect them with high quality. Critical abnormalities on the edge of focus can easily go undetected. Our AI makes radiologists even better and can thereby save lives.”

Radiologists typically stay just a few seconds per image to spot subtle changes in a sea of ​​hundreds of shades of gray. This is also confirmed by radiology professor and chief medical officer of RH – diagnostics and therapy in Stuttgart, Thomas Henzler: “Even for the most experienced radiologists, some lesions are invisible. Floy supports us very successfully in the sustainable optimization of our diagnostic quality.”

In the past six months alone, over 100 innovative radiology facilities have partnered with Floy and are being armed with Floy AI. dr Christian Wiedemeyer, specialist in radiology and Chief Operations Officer of Evidia in Dortmund: “We are impressed by how Floy, for the first time, designs the use of AI as a no-brainer through medical added value, no relevant additional effort and economic attractiveness.”

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The way to the industry standard is Floy’s declared goal: “Our mission is to give every patient deep insights into their own state of health through AI-supported diagnostic experiences. With better understanding, we strengthen the interpersonal relationship between patient and doctor,” says Leander Markisch, Floy co-founder.

Artificial intelligence applications are not yet reimbursed by health insurance companies. However, Floy can be used by patients at partner radiologists as a self-paying service.

About Floy GmbH

Floy GmbH was founded in Munich in 2021 by Benedikt Schneider (CEO) and Leander Märkisch (CPO). The WHU graduates (both Forbes 30u30) developed the Floy AI. This artificial intelligence can detect abnormalities in MRI and CT images and present them to the radiologist for closer inspection. Floy is certified by TÜV Rheinland, approved in 27 countries and has already been financed with 3.4 million euros. Floy AI is currently being connected to over 100 innovative radiology practices.

Press contact:

Benedict Schneider
Floy GmbH
Loristraße 12
80335 München
Internet: Floy.com
Mail: [email protected]
Tel.: +4989244136090

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