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Musk calls Dorsey to testify in the Twitter trial. End of a friendship?

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Musk calls Dorsey to testify in the Twitter trial.  End of a friendship?

An unexpected move. For some, the beginning of the end of a friendship. Elon Musk has called Twitter co-founder and former CEO Jack Dorsey to appear in court. Tesla boss wants information from Dorsey on the matter to fake Twitter accounts. The team of Musk he wants precise information on the metrics used to count them. And there is no verse or friendship that holds because at stake is the $ 44 billion agreement signed last April to gain control of the social network.

Musk and his consultants want any communication between Dorsey and his executives from January 1, 2019 to remain public. Anything that can clarify the impact and effect of fake social media accounts. Musk’s lawyers are convinced that Twitter continues to make a false claim. That fake accounts are far more than the 5% reported by the company. In support of the billionaire’s theses there are several data analysts, including an Italian, Andrea Stroppa, who has been supporting a rather lively virtual correspondence on Twitter for some time, with back and forth on the subject of fake accounts.

Jack Dorsey stepped down as Twitter chief executive last November. The role today is held by Parag Agrawal, a manager with whom Musk has had more than a few disagreements in the recent past. Dorsey also left every position in the company last May and has been on excellent terms with Musk so far. He went so far as to argue that Musk would be the best possible buyer for Twitter. That the company could not have done well. Phrases that he repeated with conviction and paved the way for Musk even within the company, where Dorsey’s influence between management and employees is still strong. This subpoena is a bit of a cold shower for the manager, who has not yet commented on the move by Musk and his lawyers.

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After that Musk became Twitter’s largest shareholder in early April, but prior to the 100% stake offer, Dorsey was the first person in the company that Musk contacted. She encouraged him to take a seat on the board of directors (Musk didn’t want to) and after the Twitter board had accepted Musk’s offer, Dorsey toasted the choice: “He’s the only person I trust” and the the only one able to “solve Twitter problems”. adding: “I trust his mission to extend the light of consciousness.”

In an interview with Rolling Stone in early 2019, breaking latest news recalls, Dorsey said he “loved” Musk and what he was trying to do with Tesla and SpaceX. Musk he even appeared at Twitter’s corporate retreat in early 2020 to talk to employees via video chat, during which he complained about the Twitter bot problem. Today that meeting sounds a bit like a dejavu. Fake accounts have returned to the center of the dispute. Same actors, but different roles. The Delaware court will decide on the matter on October 17.

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