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Musk: Tesla was going to go bankrupt at least 6 times. And FCA helped me to start the production “

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The birth of the Tesla, as we know, is still shrouded in legend today. How did mass production start? does the money come from? How did she manage to save herself from bankruptcy? At Italian Tech Week several secrets were revealed from the Elon Musk – John Elkan interview. Slip on the table with nonchalance, as befits two pharaohs of the sector.

Italian Tech Week 2021, the speech by Elon Musk: dialogue with John Elkann and Maurizio Molinari

First half. John Elkann mentions Comau, the company of the Stellantis galaxy. Nobody in the room understands, but Musk does. And he doesn’t beg, explaining that when Tesla had to change pace, proposing a more popular model, the Model 3 (it was 2018) had enormous production problems. He was unable to start a low-cost assembly line, essential for making large numbers and having decent profits. “I remember talking a lot with John, he was close to me, he was a true friend.” Here is the first secret revealed: thanks to the help of FCA and Comau robots Tesla was able to start mass production.


Second half. Have you ever seen a CEO of a car company admit beautifully that his company has been on the verge of disappearing overwhelmed by debts and problems several times? In living memory never. Yet Musk at Italian Tech Week stated that Tesla has risked bankruptcy at least 6 times. Huge economic problems, which Musk theatrically told (but obviously nobody believes him) stating that he no longer even had the money to pay the rent for the house. It was 2008, the company was very small and there were no investors. Then the funds arrived at the last attempt and Tesla took off.

Italian Tech Week 2021, Elon Musk: “Christmas Eve 2008, without money: the hardest day”

And then a gift to his friend: when the director Maurizio Molinari asked and asked Elkann if we will ever see a self-driving Ferrari, immediately after the reply (“It would be sad, the ultimate goal of a Ferrari is to give driving joy. a world that goes towards autonomous cars, the possibility of driving again will have an increasing value, a bit like riding today “) Musk applauded approving the concept:” On the other hand – he said – the prancing horse is in the your logo “. Applause. Curtain.


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