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“Must not leave health policy to Google or Apple!”

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Improved access to medical services for those with statutory health insurance will also be discussed at the Doctors’ Day. The difficulties in finding a doctor are not perceived problems, says Jens Spahn. The minister is committed to ensuring that those with statutory health insurance get appointments with their family doctor or specialist more quickly. To this end, the minimum consultation hours for resident doctors are to be increased from 20 to 25 and the appointment service points are to be expanded. According to Spahn, doctors who accept patients more quickly should not be penalized as well, but should of course be well compensated for it.

The German Doctors’ Day will deal with health, professional and socio-political issues until Friday. In addition to the ban on remote treatment, the agenda also includes the amendment to the (model) further training regulations and the fee schedule for doctors and the care of mentally ill people.

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