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My baccalaureate topic on the Internet

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My baccalaureate topic on the Internet

Today I would have liked to go back in time to be able to do the maturity theme. I would have been tempted by the urgency of the words of Liliana SegreI would have lingered for a long time on the climate change evoked by the Nobel Prize Giorgio Parisi, and then I probably would have landed on the internet track, but only because I know the subject better. It starts with a 2018 book by Vera Gheno and Bruno Mastroianni, “Keep it on, post, comment and share without turning off your brain”. And already in the title there is everything. A reflection on the risks of a hyper-connected world, but in reality the risks we are talking about are not the excessive use of the Internet, but that of social networks.

Do we realize what happens when we post something? What happens to that content? What effects can it cause? Sometimes not, too often not. And this causes damage and problems, sometimes small, sometimes not. In short, thinking about social life is a must, not only for the kids, but for all of us. Do we really need to share everything at all times? To have our say on everything? To re-launch whatever bizarre appears in our feed? And this without even entering the other terrain, that of algorithms, which often offer us bad content but chosen on purpose so as not to interrupt the connection.

The character / The interview

Maturity 2022, who is the sociolinguist Vera Gheno who inspired the track on hyperconnection

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by Pier Luigi Pisa

But this must be done every now and then. Disconnect the connection. Looking up at who we have in front of us. Make room for silence.

So what would I have written on the subject of maturity if I were still 18 years old? That when our economies grew a century ago, we discovered a new problem, obesity. A social plague. However, this cannot and should not make us regret the time when we were poor but remind us that to feel good you need to follow a balanced diet. Also on social networks. And reject junk content.

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