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“My child’s health problem due to a mistake”

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“My child’s health problem due to a mistake”

Guest a “Very true” the showgirl Paola Caruso tells the difficult period he is going through for i Health problems of his son Michael. “A medical error caused him a paresis of the sciatic nerve,” says the ex bonas of “Come on another”. November 21st Paola was on holiday with her son in Egypt in Sharm el-Sheikh, a tourist resort on the Red Sea. “Michele had a fever and the doctor on duty gave him a shot and immediately after that moment she started having problems walking”, says the showgirl. “He tried to get up and fell out of bed, he couldn’t feel his leg anymore because he had a sciatic nerve injury”.

Paola Caruso trusted the doctor but according to what she says it was later discovered that the treatment prescribed in Italy is not legal for underage patients due to its high toxicity. “Today Michele walks with the guardian and the doctors here in Italy say that the rehabilitation process will be long. I try to force myself for him but I’m broken,” she says.

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