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“My malaise? Physical and psychological factors”

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A few days ago Ignazio had alarmed the fans with his message: “I have small health problems that bother me” he wrote, announcing his intention to take a few days off to recover. Now he explains to fans that he has not yet understood the nature of the malaise, but that he attributes it to “a combination of physical and psychological factors”. To those who follow him he launches the appeal: “I hear more and more talk about mental health but I see more and more people who do not care (including myself) so my advice is to listen to yourselves, listen to your body and your mind, at least every now and then put yourself first and not always others and what you have to do for others “.

While Moser is at home trying to solve his problems, his Cecilia Rodriguez it is in Paris where one can enjoy la vie en rose. Work commitments have brought her to France just at a time when her beloved is going through a difficult period, but does not make him lack all his support and affection. “I’m dying of love” he writes by posting a photo of his companion in overalls on the sofa, snuggled up with their dog Aspirin. Certainly his return home will be able to raise the situation …

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