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«My son, concerts are scary. We know how much he suffers”

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«My son, concerts are scary.  We know how much he suffers”

Giovanni Allevi’s Emotional Performance at Sanremo Festival

The Sanremo Festival on Wednesday evening attracted ten million viewers, but for three people in particular, it was an emotional experience. Maestro Giovanni Allevi’s monologue moved his father Nazzareno, mother Fiorella, and brother Bruno more than anyone else. According to his father, Allevi is a reserved person, and his decision to participate in the festival came as a surprise because they know how much he suffers.

Allevi’s presence on stage was a positive and encouraging message for all those who suffer, with his father reflecting on how his experience as a patient shaped his character. However, the family is also worried about his health, as he still experiences physical pain and wears a back brace.

Despite their concerns, Allevi’s boundless love for music and his strong desire to perform are pushing him forward. He will be playing in Massa Carrara tonight and has added further dates to his “Piano Solo Tour”. His contact with the public seems to be a form of therapy for him at this moment, as he thanked everyone for their support in a social media post.

The mayor of Fermo, Paolo Calcinaro, described Allevi as a composer and pianist of extraordinary skill whose words of hope moved everyone at Sanremo. It’s clear that Allevi’s emotional performance has left a lasting impact and his resilience is truly inspiring.

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