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My son no longer walks, a doctor injected him with a toxic medicine

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My son no longer walks, a doctor injected him with a toxic medicine

Paola Caruso, in Verissimo’s studio, recounted the drama that little Michele is experiencing. The boy, who is almost 4 years old, cannot walk without a brace. A doctor would have injected him with a toxic medicine, which would have led to the injury of the sciatic nerve.

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Paola Caruso gave an intense interview to very true. During the episode broadcast on Sunday 29 January, the showgirl spoke of the pain she has been facing in recent weeks, due to her son’s health problem Michelewho is 3 years old (4 in March).

What happened to Michele, son of Paola Caruso: injured the sciatic nerve

Paola Caruso entered the studio already very tried. The showgirl burst into tears. She explained: “It’s a very, very bad time for us. Since November I have interrupted my life and my career, because fate has reserved yet another test for us to overcome. We are fighting together. We had a misfortune, it fell upon us unexpectedly“. Then, through tears, he explained what happened:

In November we went on vacation, I took my son to the sea. We went to Egypt on vacation. As soon as we arrived, perhaps due to the sudden change in temperature between the cold here and the heat of Sharm el-Sheikh, Michele, who is a bit in poor health, started to have a few degrees of fever: 38 or 39 I gave him antipyretics, but the fever didn’t go down. I started to worry. We called a doctor.

The doctor, however, would have only made the situation worse: “This doctor arrives in the room and examines him, he spoke Arabic. The structure provided me with a translator. He says that to lower his fever, he could give him a shot. I was against it. Since he was a doctor, however, I trusted him and I let myself be convinced. I had never done it”. The man allegedly injected a drug forbidden to children:

Giving him this shot, we don’t know what, on the bottom, the child screamed very loudly. I told him: “It’s the first time you’ve had an injection, love, now it’s over”. Half an hour passes, I say to my son: “Love, come, let’s see if the fever has gone down”, since the doctor said it would go down immediately. My son gets out of bed and falls to the floor… sorry Silvia, I can’t do it. He no longer felt his leg, he no longer moved it. I went crazy, my brain shut down, I didn’t understand anything. Since that day, November 21st, our life has changed completely. We went straight to the hospital. Four doctors examined him, then a neurologist arrived, the doctors understood that the sciatic nerve had been injured with the puncture.

The doctor allegedly injected a toxic medicine for the children

Paola Caruso continued her dramatic story: “The child no longer felt his leg, he no longer felt anything. From a healthy child, who had run and played until the afternoon, I found my son paralyzed in one leg, who no longer walked“. Visibly moved, Silvia Toffanin asked her: “What did they inject him with?“. According to what the showgirl said, the doctor would have injected little Michele with a medicine not suitable for children:

A medicine that is not injected into children because it is toxic. The next day I returned to Italy with the first flight. We went to a neurological pediatric hospital in Milan, where he was hospitalized. Since November 21st we have been in the hospital practically every day. Finally, after tests, it turned out that he has sciatic nerve paresis.

Paola Caruso’s son is currently walking with a guardian

Paola Caruso made it known that the child is undergoing physiotherapy almost every day, in the hope of being able to recover the use of his leg: “In these two months he has started moving his leg again. She walks with a brace. He didn’t walk until mid-December because he didn’t have the brace they had to do. Now he walks with the brace, without no. The doctors say it’s a very long process and it’s the only case in Italy, because it’s forbidden to inject that medicine to minors all over the world. They don’t know how the nerve will react, how long it will take, whether it will heal or not. I don’t know what will happen“. And as for the state of mind of the child, he explained:

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We had finally found a balance, after the presence of the father who came and went, my son had faced many traumas. But he was finally a serene child and now he is no longer. He is afraid of everything, when he sees hospitals he bursts into tears, he has nightmares where he can’t walk. He starts screaming. She’s completely unstable, she’s got a tidal wave inside of her. We do therapy in Milan almost every day. It’s the only way to try to get him to walk without a brace. It will take a lot of time and physiotherapy. If you feel pain? He feels nothing, he has no sensitivity. I am devastated. I don’t wish that on anyone in the world. Seeing a child in pain is heartbreaking. I had two collapses, I didn’t feel well, it’s too much suffering.

Lawsuits against the doctor

Paola Caruso, of course, has taken the appropriate legal action: “There are lawsuits pending against the doctor, because I don’t want to happen to another child, what happened to my son. I force myself, but I’m destroyed“. As for Michele’s father, according to him he would not have been present on this occasion either:

The father? When he found out he made two phone calls in November, in which he asked how she is. Then he never called again, not even at Christmas. But that’s okay, he’s the least of our problems now. It’s better that Michele doesn’t see him, because he loved him so much, but his father wasn’t there. […] I’m fighting for Michele to have his father’s surname, it’s his right. Michele is not to blame if his father and I split up.

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The adoptive mother and the biological one

Paola Caruso currently lives with her son Michele and her adoptive mother, Wanda, who unfortunately is struggling against the disease: “He has advanced Alzheimer’s. He’s not well”. As for the biological mother he met on TV, however, she declared:

I’ve tried to build a relationship with her, but it’s not easy after 35 years. For me, my mom is the one who raised me, who taught me principles and values. I can’t throw this away, just because she’s my biological mom. She is someone who is in my life, but she is not my mom.

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