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Mystery game “Frozen Punk” Epic is free this week | XFastest News

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The mystery game to be received for free this week is “Frozen Punk”, and the time to receive is from June 3 to June 10 at 23:00 in the evening

Click me to Epic to receive it for free

“Frozen Punk” is a simulation strategy game produced by 11 bit studios and released on April 24, 2018.

Players will be the managers of the last city in the world to manage the people and its infrastructure. At the same time, as the environment and resources continue to deteriorate, they will adopt different decisions and strategies to ensure the survival of the city.

The game provides three DLCs, namely “Frozen Punk: The Last Autumn”, “Frozen Punk: Borders of Empire”, and “Frozen Punk: Earth Fissure”. The current Epic discounted prices are 231 yuan, 191 yuan, 79 yuan.

In addition, last month, 11 bit studios announced that “Frozen Punk” will launch a mobile version, the specific launch time is unknown.

In this regard, 11 bit studios CEO Przemysaw Marsza said, “For “Frozen Punk Mobile”, our primary goal now is to define what a meaningful experience on mobile devices should look like. We believe that we have found A perfect partner with the same enthusiasm and willing to accept challenges.”






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