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NASA and SpaceX will launch rockets to hit asteroids this week | HYPEBEAST

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In order to deal with the possible harm caused by near-Earth objects (NEO) in the future, NASA and SpaceX’s double asteroid redirection test (DART) will be officially launched this week. Double asteroids, in order to verify whether the direction of movement can be changed manually.

A few years ago, NASA determined that there will be 23 different celestial bodies that may collide with the earth in the next century. In order to prevent problems, it is convenient for the DART plan to be proposed in 2015 and to enter the design phase in 2017. The target of the project is Didymos, a double asteroid celestial body composed of two planets with a diameter of 780 meters and a diameter of 160 meters. It was originally expected to pass the vicinity of the Earth in 2022, but it will not directly collide with the Earth. It is recognized as an excellent test object, even if the experiment fails, it will not affect or cause any danger.

The DART test will be officially launched on November 23, and relevant news will continue to follow SpaceX’s tweets in the future.

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