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Natural fertilizer for tomatoes: rock flour increases yields

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Natural fertilizer for tomatoes: rock flour increases yields

Rock flour is a natural fertilizer for tomatoes that enriches the soil. What can it do, why is it so helpful and how to use it correctly, we will explain to you in the article.

Natural fertilizer for tomatoes: That’s why rock flour is so good for the plants

Rock flour enriches soil life without polluting the environment. It gradually releases the useful nutrients and in this sense acts as a long-term fertilizer. Rock dust is therefore a good option for healthy plants that need regular fertilization. However, weakened and ailing tomatoes cannot be saved with rock dust. In this case, it must be combined with another, rapidly decomposing natural fertilizer.

Rock flour can also do the following in the vegetable patch:

  • it neutralizes odors
  • promotes the beneficial microorganisms in the soil
  • Can be used in both rain and heat.
  • can ensure a rich harvest with regular fertilization
  • It can be used in both powder and liquid form

Rock flour is usually made from basalt or diabase rocks. Diabase is rich in calcium and can support the formation of the cell wall of plants. However, calcium is only found in small amounts in the soil. Which is not enough for heavy consumers like tomatoes. The rock flour can therefore provide the necessary calcium for the tomatoes to grow healthily.

Basalt fulfills another important function in the home garden. It can lower the pH of the soil. Tomatoes thrive best in slightly acidic soil. If its pH is above 7.5, rock flour can be incorporated to regulate the pH.

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So that fertilizing with rock flour really leads to good results, it should be used regularly. Year after year, rock flour should be worked into the vegetable patch to improve the soil and have a bountiful harvest.

Natural fertilizer for tomatoes: How to properly fertilize with rock flour

incorporate rock flour from basalt

You can get the rock flour in powder form at any garden center. Then there are two variants to choose from: You can apply the flour in powder form or dissolve it in water.

Proceed as follows:

  • In spring, before planting the tomatoes, work rock dust into the soil. For this purpose you should apply at least 80 g per square meter.
  • After planting the tomatoes, pollinate the seedlings well on a sunny, dry day. Make sure that each plant gets at least 1/2 tablespoon of rock flour.
  • After the tomatoes bloom, fertilize the plants with rock flour every three weeks. Over-fertilization is extremely rare as wind and rain remove most of the natural fertilizer.
  • After the tomatoes bear fruit they can be given liquid rock dust fertilizer or you can mix it with compost and give it that way.

fertilizing tomatoes with rock flour instructions and benefits

To this end:

  • Pour 6 liters of water into a bucket. Add 2 tablespoons of rock flour, mix well and pour over the tomatoes. The amount given should be enough for 6 to 8 mature plants.
  • If the plants still need water afterwards, you can water them additionally.
  • Of course, you can also combine the liquid fertilizer with other fertilizers. It can be administered with nettle manure, for example. In this case, the rock flour can neutralize the smell of the nettle manure.
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Rock flour is one of the natural fertilizers that can be used in the garden without any problems. It brings many benefits and is particularly suitable as a fertilizer for tomatoes.

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