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“NBA 2K23” reveals the latest game content enhancement points, including adding shooting attributes, adding a new rating badge system | T Kebang

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“NBA 2K23” reveals the latest game content enhancement points, including adding shooting attributes, adding a new rating badge system | T Kebang

2K has announced the latest game content enhancements for “NBA 2K23”, which will be available on September 9, including new skill moves, animations and player creation, players can experience offensive, defensive, badge, player creation, domination and artificial intelligence. High-level game innovation brings a more realistic and realistic experience.

Mike Wang, Game Director at Visual Concepts, said, “We valued the feedback from our player community when deciding how to specifically represent each version of the NBA 2K game, and this year’s game enhancements reflect a lot of what our community wanted. Change. From focusing on how players attack and layup, to more realistic on-the-spot defense, and a brand new tiered badge system, all the features/features we are bringing to the game this year will create a more realistic experience for players, making every Everyone can enjoy it to the fullest.”

“NBA 2K23” introduces a variety of game content innovations to make players more competitive on the court, including:

  • Shooting:The big change this year is the addition of shooting attributes, where each signature jumper has unique shooting stats that help determine its effectiveness. There are five new shooting bars to choose from, with 15 more to be unlocked in each quarter of the following year.
  • Expert Joystick Upgrades:The Expert Joystick adds a new combination of gestures that will be a powerful weapon for your shots and dribbles. Slam Dunk also has new commands that give you more precise slam dunk control and avoid unintentional skill slam dunks.
  • Skill moves and adrenaline boost:The new gesture combo brings players more offensive options for ball handling and shooting. In addition, there is a new “Adrenaline Boost” feature that prevents excessive dribbling. Enhancements are consumed each time a player makes a difficult attack or explosive sprint. Once their three boosts are exhausted, players will notice a significant drop in their speed and acceleration for the remainder of their possession.
  • Defense:A major update on the defensive side, focusing on creating more realistic ball-and-cover defenses, as well as stealing the ball. This year, Gai Hot Pot has been adjusted to a more realistic level, resulting in more predictable results, with players stopping when they are pinching Gai Hot Pot’s shot. You’ll also notice a noticeable improvement in ball safety for good dunkers.
  • badge:A new tiered badge system has been introduced for PlayStation 5 (PS5) and Xbox Series X|S console players, with 16 badges per attribute category: 8 for Tier 1, 4 for Tier 2, and 4 for Tier 3. The basic concept is that you need to equip a certain number of lower tier badges before you can equip the highest tier badges.
  • Domination:While primary and secondary domination remain the same, team domination has been redesigned. Team Domination is a cooperative team system where the entire team shares a single meter. The new design makes more sense and more appropriately captures what it means for hot-handed teams and groups to dominate the field.
  • Artificial Intelligence:PS5 and Xbox Series X|S console players will find AI improvements in ball control, pick execution, defensive tendencies, and coaching decisions.
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NBA 2K23 will be available on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC in four different editions, digital and physical: Standard Edition, Cross-Generation Digital Deluxe Edition, Michael The Jordan Edition and the new and unique Championship Edition (includes a 12-month NBA League Pass subscription).

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