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Neighborhood Health and Civic Center Collaboration for Community Wellness

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Neighborhood Health and Civic Center Collaboration for Community Wellness

The Health and Civic Centers of Zabalgana Join Forces for the Well-Being of the Neighborhood

The solution to numerous health issues is found paradoxically outside the health system itself. This includes following correct feeding guidelines, participating in guided physical activities, and engaging in social connections within the community. This community involvement is made possible by the different agents in the neighborhood, including the civic center, which plays a vital role.

According to Maxi Gutiérrez, a family doctor and head of the Zabalgana health center, many of the problems they see have a socio-health dimension and can be addressed in community spaces. The involvement of professionals like Gutiérrez plays a key role in mobilizing patients in need.

A collaborative initiative emerged in Gasteiz, where the primary care unit and the neighborhood civic center joined forces to provide the greatest possible well-being to their neighbors. This unique collaboration aims to address community health by prescribing engagement in civic center activities.

The initiative launched in 2023 includes the creation of a Wellness Point in the civic center and a system for professionals to prescribe appropriate activities to meet the patients’ needs from among the hundreds offered in the civic center.

Since its launch, 40 people have attended the Zabalgana civic center, “recipe” in hand. Asier Bragado, responsible for the center’s meeting room, oversees the Wellness Point, offering guidance, listening, and orientation to the participants.

The success of the program has led to plans for similar initiatives in other neighborhoods. The Salburua district will be the second to launch a Wellness Point, next March, following the model established in Zabalgana. The program is also slated for the eastern neighborhood of the city, indicating its growing strength and visibility.

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The Zabalgana civic center and health center staff share their satisfaction with the program’s dynamics and the positive impact on the well-being of the community. The success of the collaboration signals positive efforts to address socio-health needs and promote community engagement for improved health outcomes in the neighborhood.

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