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Nervous hunger? How to appease her by touching the right spots. The benefits of foot reflexology

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Nervous hunger?  How to appease her by touching the right spots.  The benefits of foot reflexology

Hunger can be linked to stress, anxiety, nervousness… but with plantar reflexology it can be managed with the right points.

70% of the disorders we experience are not related to a real disease but they are determined by nervous originsthis also helps to understand how much food is actually an outlet for many.

Sometimes we eat for anger, stress, anxiety but not because we are really hungry and this practice must be corrected not only for weight but also for health.

Nervous hunger: how to manage it with plantar reflexology

Stress eating is a very common thing, the problem is that it often rebounds very sugary, fatty products, junk food and all that is defined as comfort food due to its soothing power. Actually the physical discomfort doesn’t end, the stress doesn’t go away, it’s just a momentary matter. When the food intake goes beyond what is necessary for health, it results in being overweight and in all pathologies connected to it.

Foot reflexology for nervous hunger (tantasalute.it)

Nervous eating can appear as an element linked to sadness, anxiety, stress, boredom. It manifests itself with a sudden hunger attack, even perhaps in the middle of the night or in a tense moment at work, you just need to eat anything and you do it with a certain voracity. The best thing in these cases is to stop and breathe, drink some water and sigh.

If it’s a recurring problem foot reflexology it can be very useful because it helps, with the right points, to intervene. To reduce anxiety and stress and therefore also avoid accumulating tension, we work on some specific points such as:

  • Guan, located on the forearm which allows you to dissolve anxiety.
  • Union Valley which sits between the thumb and forefinger and relieves muscle tension.
  • Shoulder Well at the base of the neck to release tension from the whole body.
  • Central Treasury where the arm meets the chest, it serves to stabilize the emotions.
  • Heavenly Pillar at the base of the skull for those suffering from insomnia problems.
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Foot reflexology is one alternative medicine which allows through the foot massage and in other strategic points to obtain a benefit for the body. It is not invasive, it is not dangerous and it is done simply by touching the areas that have a direct impact on the internal organs. Its effectiveness has never been proven by medicine but it is still a harmless technique, so it is worth a try. In Italia it has been practiced since the 1930s thanks to world-renowned neurologists who have noted the importance of this methodology.

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