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Neurologist, memory loss is a sign that should not be underestimated – Medicine

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(ANSA) – NAPLES, NOV 29 – Often forgetting the names of famous people or confusing the names of the streets with a certain continuity can be a sign of a possible early stage of a neurological pathology; therefore, it is necessary to catch these signals in time. The secret, once again, is called prevention explains Dr. Gennaro Barbato, neurologist of the Sanitary District 33 of the Asl Napoli 1 Centro, scientific manager of the meeting scheduled for 10 and 11 December at Palazzo Alabardieri. The VII workshop of primary care neurology will, in fact, focus on the prevention, identification (and management) of early signals of diseases involving the brain, the role of specialists and general practitioners, analyzes on pharmacological novelties. and on increasingly sophisticated exams. To combat pathologies such as Alzheimer’s disease or Parkinson’s disease, proper nutrition based on the Mediterranean Diet, regular physical activity, good mental activity (favoring reading and cultivating interests), maintaining and increasing social relationships are fundamental – scie Barbato, sleeping well and on a regular basis without upsetting the sleep / wake rhythms, managing stress.

Barbato explains: ‘The outpatient neurologist is in a privileged position to be able to diagnose and manage patients with dementia and, therefore, with Alzheimer’s disease, which is the most frequent form of dementia. The District Outpatient Clinic, the usual workplace of the outpatient neurologist, is completely immersed in the urban area, thus becoming, as such, easily accessible to users; this transforms the potential discomfort deriving from the idea of ​​working in contact with the citizens in a big advantage for the diagnosis. In fact, precisely because the site is easily accessible, the possibility of obtaining recent and ‘first-hand’ anamnestic information increases, that is, not only from the person concerned but from the family member, spouse or child and on events that occurred shortly before “. Another reason connected to the place of work is given by the close collaboration that is more easily established with the general practitioner.

Furthermore, the neurologists, whose training allows them to learn about neuroanatomy and neurobiology, emphasizes Dr. Barbato, “have greatly benefited from the introduction in the clinic of neurocognitive evaluation through sophisticated tests but also of the evolution of neuroimaging techniques. particular finding in the early detection of the disease in these patients, already in the phase of MCI – Mild cognitive impairment, the mild cognitive deficit – and in following its evolution “. Recently, antiamyloid therapy with the drug aducanumab has been approved for patients who, in fact, are identified in a very early stage of the disease. Barbato again says: “Once the patient has been identified, the primary care neurologist in Naples can rely on the University Center at the Vanvitelli Hospital which has as its main references Prof. Gioacchino Tedeschi (director of department) and prof.

Alessandro Tessitore, for the diagnostic confirmation also by means of a specific investigation (brain PET with amyloid) and for the subsequent antiamyloid therapy “. But, at the same time, the neurologist of the territory does not remain stationary.” In this phase of the disease he plays a role also fundamental is the correction of lifestyle and the identification and modification of those factors that intervene as a contributing cause in the conversion of a mild cognitive deficit into a serious and compromising daily functioning disorder such as dementia. These factors are metabolic diseases such as diabetes, a severe and particular depressive disorder and sleep disorders “concludes Dr. Barbato.


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