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Never do this before receiving your dose of Covid vaccine

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In this period, more and more people are managing to book themselves for vaccinations for Covid 19 and get the vaccine. Many of us are waiting to be called, or have already taken one or both doses, and it is expected by the end of the summer most of the population will be vaccinated.

There are many rumors and urban legends about the vaccine and its effects in particular as regards the precautions to be followed before administration. Today we want to talk about why we should never do this before receiving the dose of the Covid vaccine.

A safe procedure not to worry about

Vaccines are among the safest health procedures, have fewer risks and statistically low chances of side effects. This is what science and epidemiological data tell us, but the media often end up giving resonance to unfortunately negative rare events.

By exploiting the fears of citizens, some unsubstantiated misconceptions are sometimes put into circulation which can also prove to be potentially harmful. If we have to get the vaccine for Covid 19 we must rely on doctors able to assess our state of health.

Never do this before receiving your dose of Covid vaccine

A myth that has spread without foundation is that of taking aspirin before receiving the first dose of the vaccine, to minimize unwanted side effects. This has no basis and, indeed, it could even prove to be very damaging. In fact, many people have had even serious adverse reactions toacetylsalicylic acid and they even ended up in the hospital.

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In fact, in percentage, aspirin has many more side effects than vaccines, because many people are allergic or poorly tolerate this drug, however trivial it may seem to us.

So now we know that before taking the first dose of vaccine, whatever it is, we just have to follow the instructions of our doctor. As always, the rule is not to take preventive drugs without a specific prescription from your doctor. Besides not being useful they could be harmful.


In this article interestingly, we have revealed a little secret about how we can best prepare ourselves before taking vaccines.

(We remind you to carefully read the warnings regarding this article, which can be consulted who”)

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