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New entry in our startup database: who they are and how they grow

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Tate, Seed Set, Secureflag, Rentuu, Reaxing, Mela Works, Mat3d e Loopus are the 8 new startups entered today in the Italian Tech startup database which debuted last September 23 (who the explanation of the motivations and objectives). Here is more in detail who they are and how they grow.

Tate is a startup founded in 2018 by Alexander Frizzi, Matteo Riffeser Monti, Mattia Lobertini and Micael Saillen. It deals with the sale of electricity and gas exclusively online. In 2020 Eni gas and electricity, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Eni, has acquired 20% of the company.

Seed Set, is a system integrator launched by Seed Venture (founded in 2017 by William Pividori and Sergio De Prisco) to integrate its blockchain-based startup financing platform on crowdfunding portals. In 2020 it closed a round (for an undeclared amount) with Digital Rock Holding.

Secureflag, is a startup founded in London in 2020 by Emilio Pinna and Andrea Scaduto. He deals with IT security in software development. In 2020 he closed a round with Gellify for an undeclared amount.

Relax is a London-based startup that has developed a platform to rent any type of equipment. In 2020 it closed a £ 1.5 million (almost € 1.8 million) round attended by Italian Angels of Growth (IAG) e Boost Heroes. The company was founded in 2017 by Andrea Guzzoni and Dennis Helderman.

Reaxing is an innovative Milanese SME that designs and manufactures sports equipment. Founded in 2016 by Gionata D’Alesio and Roberto Frassinelli, in 2020 it closed a round (for an undisclosed amount) attended by Innovative-RFK (i-RFK), Italian holding company with participations in SMEs and innovative startups.

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Mela Works is a startup, founded in London in 2016 by Riccardo Chiarelli, Francesco Putignano and Emanuele Zamponi, which has developed an app for collaboration and sharing of information in real time, simplifying communication at work. In 2020 it closed a 1.5 million round with 360 Capital.

Mat3d is a spin-off of the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia and of the University of Parma (based at the Reggio Emilia Technopole) which develops, produces and markets innovative polymers and composite materials for additive manufacturing (3D printing). In 2020 it closed a round (for an undisclosed amount) with Progress Tech Transfer Fund.

Loopus is an analog accelerator that allows you to enable Machine Learning and Big Data analysis operations faster and with a lower energy impact. In 2020 it closed a round (for an undisclosed amount) with 360 Capital.

The Italian Startup Database, the numbers of the Italian Tech DB: today the Italian Tech database counts 400 startup cards.


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