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New FIAT Topolino on the way? What will the city car of the future look like?

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New FIAT Topolino on the way?  What will the city car of the future look like?

FIAT’s legendary Topolino is preparing to return to the market. Here’s how designer D’Amico imagined it.

Come back or not come back? Maybe yes. In a historical period of the automotive industry in which many manufacturers have decided to appeal to the nostalgia effect re-proposing old updated models. As the Stellantis Group could decide to relaunch a vehicle that has remained close to its heart in showrooms of many. We are talking about the Baby mouse.

Obviously we are in the field of hypotheses, consequently there is not even a date on which the return could take place. On what her look will be, someone seems to have clear ideas. The architect Tommaso D’Amico has in fact produced the rendering, adopting new lines. In practice, only the name would remain of the old “little” FIAT.

FIAT Topolino (Ansa Photo)

In the designer’s mind, the car has a decidedly modern edge. The concept is revisited in a contemporary key by adopting the scheme of the city car, today salvation for all those who live in crowded urban centers. The components are cutting-edge and the technologies used are of the first order.

In terms of dimensions, these are slightly larger than the original version for the sake of comfort and convenience for the driver and passengers. The passenger compartment is equipped with all the now essential options, such as infotainment services.

The engine is hybrid in compliance with the trend of today’s creations, the front-wheel driveWhile the horses are 85. The bodywork will be painted in current colors that will enhance its fresh, pleasant and lively style.

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FIAT Topolino, a few pills of history

Actually born with the denomination 500the small car was produced from 1936 to 1955. In particular, its roots take us back to the twenty years, when in 1930 Benito Mussolini, asked the owner of the Fabbrica Italiana Automobili Torino to give life to a cheap car that did not exceed the cost of 5,000 lire.

The concept was also liked so much abroad that Adolf Hitler was pushedfreshly elected as Reich Chancellor, to ask Ferdinand Porsche to design a vehicle worth less than 1,000 marks. And this is how the beloved Beetle saw the light.

After various reflections on how to implement what the Duce wanted, Dante Giacosa came out with a design that traced the lines of the Balilla. To save costs and weight, some tricks were adopted. The radiator was placed above the engine to save the water pump, following the principle that sees the hot going up and the cold down. The chassis was equipped with two V-beams from front to rear, and the four-cylinder equipped with side valves. The feed pump and the oil pump were eliminated and made essential and functional by splashing.

The final prototype was tested on 7 October 1934 by the designer himself together with his collaborator Antonio Fessia along the damaged roads of Turin – Ivrea – La Serra – Vestigné – Borgomasino – Cigliano – Turin. Many kilometers were covered on dirt roads to check the tightness of the suspensions. And the maximum speed reached was 82 km/h.

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The name by which we all know her was inspired by Mickey Mouse, a fictional character created by Walt Disney in America, who had just landed in Europe. At a time when little driving was done, the car was quite successful.

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