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“New gym at the service of young people”

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“New gym at the service of young people”

MOTTA BALUFFI – Ribbon cutting, Friday evening, for the “New Energym” fitness and bodybuilding gym, set up in the municipal gym and entrusted to management of the “New Energym Asd Mottese”driven bythe president-instructor Vittorio Bedani.

«The project was born two years ago – he explained the mayor Matteo Carrara – and was shared by the junta. The idea was to create a meeting point for the children of the town because Motta honestly does not offer much to young people, who are forced to travel kilometers to find something of interest to them. This building, now used very little, had structural problems and we have redeveloped it, bringing it up to standard. The Municipality does not lose money in the operation. Utilities, 10 thousand euros per year, are in the hands of the ASD. During Covid, due to the two-year closure, we saved 20 thousand and invested them here. In addition, the Municipality receives 300 euros per month in rent in addition to the money for courses outside the activities of the weight and fitness room ».

During the inauguration, a citizen claimed that a preliminary survey among the population would have been necessary and that now there is no longer a space to carry out initiatives. Carrara defended the choice. The gym will be open from Monday to Friday from 12.30 to 21 and on Saturday from 8.30 to 12.30. Soon it will also open in the morning and dance classes for girls and Pilates will be organized.

“Gabriele Invernizzi and I, instructor and technical director, we hope to do our job in the best possible way,” said Bedani.

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