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New gymnasium for “Dolores Prato” «We redesign the school geography» Pupils sing for the mayor

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New gymnasium for “Dolores Prato” «We redesign the school geography» Pupils sing for the mayor

MACERATA – Ribbon cutting for the plant in the Collevario district after a renovation worth 260 thousand euros. Sandro Parcaroli and councilor Andrea Marchiori were welcomed by a delegation from the institute. The manager Angela Fiorillo: “For us physical activity is fundamental, so having an appropriate place where we can exercise it is very important”

May 24, 2022 – 2:55 pm

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The mayor was greeted by pupils who sang “Open all doors”

from Mauro Giustozzi (Photo Fabio Falcioni)

After the interventions at the Natali school in Sforzacosta and Anna Frank in Villa Potenza, here is the new gymnasium of Dolores Prato and soon the gymnasium of the IV Novembre school will also arrive. The commitment of the municipal administration of Macerata continues on the school building front, which also includes the 2021-26 plan which will see around 30 million euros spread over the city between renovations and new buildings.


The mayor Sandro Parcaroli and the commissioner Andrea Marchiori

This morning it was the turn of the inauguration of the renovated gymnasium at the service of the Dolores Prato kindergarten and primary school in the Collevario district. An intervention of 260 thousand euros totally financed from state funds that made it possible to waterproof the roof with the inclusion, in the package that composes it, as well as a polyethylene vapor barrier, also of an extruded polystyrene panel to insulate the ceiling thus greatly improving heat dispersion and also reducing energy consumption. As regards the roof, a lifeline has been inserted which allows future maintenance works to be carried out in complete safety.
Waiting for the mayor Sandro Parcaroli, the councilor for public works Andrea Marchiori and the councilor for Sport, Riccardo Sacchi, a delegation of pupils from the fourth and fifth grades of the primary who sang the song of Gianni when the authorities arrived Morandi ‘Open all doors’ which was much appreciated by the mayor who then asked for an encore, satisfied, by schoolchildren. «Are you happy to have this beautiful and colorful gym from today? – She began by addressing the Parcaroli children-. Sport and school are a decisive combination in the education of the younger generations. We care a lot about sporting activity in all schools, when we intervene on the school complexes we also arrange the gyms. There must be a gym with adequate and welcoming changing rooms for our students who can use these facilities to carry out the necessary physical activity which means health and physical well-being. DoloresPrato_Gym_FF-2-325x217The commitment on city schools is much wider and includes the plan that we have presented and on which we are working which exceeds 30 million euros and which will redesign the school geography of the capital. In this school we have used the resources available in the best way, just look at the result that has arisen which is under everyone’s eyes today that we have inaugurated this gym which will also have an extra-school use when it will not be used by Dolores Prato. I was very happy with the singing welcome given to us by the school children, unfortunately the acoustics are not perfect but seeing so many young people singing and getting excited gives great joy. This year we are European City of Sport which confirms this vocation of Macerata both nationally and internationally but also and above all towards basic activity, therefore the gyms in schools to favor the physical activity of the very young ».
The works made it possible to carry out the complete removal of the entire parquet floor of the gymnasium and of the relative screed with the remaking of a new vinyl sports flooring in PVC with fireproof certification.


The executive Angela Fiorillo

“The meaning of being able to use this gym again is that of a great opportunity and occasion to regain possession of a vital space for kindergarten and primary school – he reiterated the head teacher of La Mestica, Angela Fiorillo– which goes through a complete redevelopment of this building. For us, physical activity is essential, so having an appropriate place where you can exercise it is very important. Thanks to the mayor and to all the municipal administration for having redeveloped these spaces that we will begin to use again for childhood and primary especially in view of the next school year since we are now running out of business. In this way we will avoid transporting our students elsewhere to carry out motor activity. Which is central during the school year and we will have the opportunity to exercise it even more next year by having this splendid facility renovated. There will be about 200 pupils, equally divided between primary and childhood, who will use this renovated gym also in the equipment and in the changing rooms that have been redeveloped. Only the internal set-up to be completed but we are now on the details and then we will start working here ». DoloresPrato_Gym_FF-10-325x217
The intervention also involved the demolition of the floors and coatings of the changing rooms, the reconstruction of the water-sanitary system of the bathrooms and showers with the construction of two new bathrooms for the disabled, one for each changing room. The plaster of the changing rooms was also resumed where a 1.20 meter plinth with dehumidifying plaster was inserted to counteract the rising damp and the final painting was carried out.
«We continue with the 2021-26 school building plan presented last year, which includes a series of regeneration interventions of existing school buildings and the construction of new schools. The interventions are many, to these was added that of the new school of the Virgins which was financed thanks to having won the first Pnrr call dedicated to school construction. We are continuing with all the design activities of the school complexes, the first that will start will be that of Fratelli Cervi where we have completed the design phase and are preparing the documents for the tender.


The intervention of the commissioner Andrea Marchiori

The IV Novembre gymnasium is practically completed, only the resin floor needs to be laid: it is another intervention that will complete an area on which, moreover, there will be the investment for the construction of the new school. Returning to Dolores Prato in the afternoon and evening spaces, here you can do extra-curricular activities and it will also be available to sports associations so much so that we have completely redeveloped the changing rooms with floors, walls and systems. Where we have not arrived with ministerial funding, we have added the intervention of our workers who have carried out the painting and finishing and the spaces outside the structure will also be regenerated ».

Work at the “Dolores Prato”, 260 thousand euros for the gym

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