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New scientific study: what happens to the brain if you eat too much fat and sugar every day?

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New scientific study: what happens to the brain if you eat too much fat and sugar every day?

An animal study has been published on the The Journal of Physiology. This study explains the important function of astrociti, brain cells that support neurons and control signals between the brain and gut. They are therefore the ones who regulate the consumption of food. When a diet is too high in fatwhich happens when, for example, a lot of junk food is consumed, the astrocytes induce us to choose the next meal with the same foods and potentially the same nutrients and amounts of fat.

What happens if you eat high-fat foods every day?

Accurately, it was recorded the addiction created by the consumption of food rich in fat over several days. Real food addictions are activated, even without wanting to. On mice it has been recorded that ten or fourteen days’ intake of foods rich in fat yields astrocytes insensitive to fat-induced satiety. Their function in nutrition is very important, it serves to create energy reserves useful when our body is under strain or in conditions of stress or resistance. However, if these fats are not disposed of or become excessive in the diet, it happens that the body tends to grow larger, to become heavier, creating the famous fat curls.

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A new rule when shopping: it’s better to choose wholesome foods

This information must lead to a new shopping habit and food choice. In fact, experts encourage us to read labels better and look for food products rich in satiating but nutritious elements, in addition with clear indications on the distribution of fats, proteins and carbohydrates. To be more drastic, it is better to buy pure and fresh products rather than packaged ones, better fruit, vegetables, meat without industrial preparation or packaging. This is because, to increase the flavor and the sense of well-being, many ingredients are added and it is precisely the quantity of these ingredients that often increases the amount of fat.

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Also beware of sugars: drinking fruit juice is like eating

Also pay attention to liquids, water is important but sugary fruit drinks, such as juices, must be consumed either during snacks or in moderation. In fact, not only are they not very satiating and introduce a dangerous amount of sugar for the figure, during meals they represent something more that we eat even if it is liquid and we drink it.

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