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New test for the rapid diagnosis of diabetes and pre-diabetes

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New test for the rapid diagnosis of diabetes and pre-diabetes

And new test for the diagnosis of diabetes and pre diabetes. Experts talk about a mini glucose load curve and it allows us to detect the two conditions at least a couple of years earlier than traditional tests, such as the traditional two-hour glucose load curve, or Ogtt. The new test has received approval from theInternational Diabetes Federationthe federation that brings together all international diabetes societies and patient associations.

What is the mini curve on which the new test for the diagnosis of diabetes and pre-diabetes is based?

The new test is based on the so-called mini curve, therefore on the blood sugar level in the first hour of the glucose load curve:

In this way the experts have the opportunity to achieve the objective of identify as early as possible people who live with a high risk of diabetes or who already have diabetes. Scientific research tells us that in Italy alone around one million people have diabetes, but without knowing it.

Why is it important to bring to light as many cases of pre-diabetes as possible?

If a person is found in a situation of pre diabetes can be “saved” from type 2 diabetes, thanks to a major change in his lifestyle. He will have to follow a varied and balanced diet, which allows him to lose weight if necessary, do physical activity, sleep well and stop smoking if he is a smoker.

Preventing a person from becoming diabetic does not simply mean ensuring that blood sugar levels are normal, but also protecting against complications of these chronic diseases which are numerous and serious. Just remember the increased risk of cardiovascular or kidney disease.

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The results of the studies that led to the green light of the new test for the diagnosis of diabetes

The IDF’s green light came after the results of various research on the subject, many of which were carried out in Italy. The Internal Medicine group of the Magna Graecia University of Catanzaro and the Sant’Andrea-Sapienza University Hospital of Rome have published over 40 articles on the first curve. Blood sugar in the first hour of the load curve has been used for a long time for the diagnosis of gestational diabetes.

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