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New variant of Covid under the WHO lens, it’s called EG.5 – Medicine

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New variant of Covid under the WHO lens, it’s called EG.5 – Medicine

The drop in cases of Covid-19 in the world continues: in the last 28 days, 836,000 diagnoses have been registered, with a 30% drop compared to the previous month. The number of deaths amounted to 4,500, with a reduction of 42%. These are the data of the latest report of the World Health Organization, from which a novelty emerges on the front of the variants: the insertion, on 19 July, of the new EG.5 variant among those under WHO monitoring.
The decline in cases and deaths affects the whole planet; the only exception was the Western Pacific region which includes Oceania and the Far East, where a 30% increase in deaths was observed compared to last month. In some countries there has also been a substantial increase in infections: South Korea, for example, has seen a 38% increase with more than half a million cases.
In Europe, the situation appears to be under control: there have been 86,000 cases in the last month, with a 71% reduction compared to the previous month. Italy, although the trends are in sharp decline, is second in Europe both for the number of infections (15,752 in a month) and for the number of deaths (206).
In terms of variants, the report confirms that almost all cases are due to variants of the XBB family. After passing Kraken (XBB.1.5), the ascent of the Arturo variant (XBB.1.16) stopped, today just over 20%. On the other hand, the XBB.1.9.2 variant is growing.
As for the new variant ‘EG.5’,” is a lineage descended from XBB.1.9.2 with an additional mutation, F456Lin the Spike protein”, writes the WHO. It has been growing since the end of May. “At present, there is no evidence of an increase in cases and deaths or changes in the severity of the disease related to EG.5”, concludes the report.

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