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New wine in old bottles! Hong Kong Samsung Tab S6 Lite LTE 2022 Edition Course Fee Unboxing-ePrice.HK

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New wine in old bottles! Hong Kong Samsung Tab S6 Lite LTE 2022 Edition Course Fee Unboxing-ePrice.HK

When you see a title, you know that this YK is buying good things again. This time, the Samsung Tab S6 Lite 2022 version is started. Netizens may have noticed that a few months ago, Samsung released a “new and old tablet” product abroad, which is the Tab S6 Lite 2022 version in my hand. The biggest difference compared to the old version is the processor update. In fact, Ben YK personally tested the Tab S6 Lite tablet two years ago, and the product was highly appreciated. In the end, the gameplay of “old bottle new wine” will attract this YK course money to start with?

List of gifts

Before the department starts, it is recommended that you can click here to refer to the old version of the evaluation article to review the past and learn about the new. This time, this YK starts from the Samsung Hong Kong official flagship store of an online shopping platform. The original price of the LTE version is 3188 yuan, and an additional 300 yuan discount can be obtained by using the limited-time consumption coupon tool. The official standard gift is a protective case + an electric fan.


▲ One machine, one fan, Shenghui 28XX Dayuan, I started with the gray LTE version, so the distribution with the machine is also a gray set.


▲ Take a little space to talk about the gift fan, which has three-stage wind adjustment, and also has LED lighting, which can be operated by remote control.


▲ The selling point is written on the back of the box. According to the official statement, in fact, the brand ITFIT belongs to “Samsung C&T”, so it is an official Samsung fan.


▲ The fan body is mainly green and gray, mainly for camping and sleeping.


▲ But in fact, it can be used in the house and indoors: the front LED can be used for three-stage brightness adjustment.


▲ The fuselage is charged through USB-C, and there is also an independent button to cycle through the adjustment of high, medium and low wind and LED brightness.


▲ Comes with a wireless remote control, you can train and control the fan by hanging the top of the tent.


▲ The fuselage is equipped with a handstand, which is convenient for hanging/hand-held; but the wind is not strong, because the product is positioned for sleeping in a camping tent, and the breeze and quietness are its selling points.

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▲ The set that comes with it is actually suitable for both the old and new Tab S6 Lite. After all, the body measurements are exactly the same, and the peripheral accessories can be shared.


▲ It is also produced by Samsung ITFIT.


▲ Since it is produced by Samsung, of course, it supports S Pen placement, and the surface layer is made of simple water-resistant materials (but not completely waterproof).


▲ The use of one-time seal packaging can eliminate the possibility of repacking in the middle, and can give customers greater confidence.


▲ The four corners of the sleeve are protected, and the S Pen is also seen in the middle. The design is quite good.


▲ It may be that many people do not know the brand of ITFIT, and the protective sleeve has also been specially introduced many times. ITFIT is specially designed for Samsung Galaxy series products.

Quick out of the box


▲ The original licensed box can’t actually be seen as a new version in 2022.


▲ Pay attention to whether there are original licensed stickers on the box body.


▲ Pay attention to the sticker on the side of the box, the product code of the LTE version of the Tab S6 Lite 2022 is SM-P619, which is produced in Vietnam!


▲ Brand new products will have two seal stickers (as shown in the picture above), it is best to check the seal condition when receiving the goods / before opening the box in the store.


▲ Open! Open! It’s worth a thousand dollars right out of the box!


▲ Also made in Vietnam, there is also a charging fire cow, which provides 5V / 1.55A output.


▲ The original USB-C data charging cable is also made in Vietnam!


▲ In addition, including the WiFi version, a card pin will be attached, because the SIM card / microSD card slot requires a pin; finally, there is a normal version of the S Pen (but no pen tip replacement core).

Appearance list

In fact, if you want to take a look at the appearance, you can’t find the difference between the old and new Tab S6 Lite. I put the appearance diagram directly and wait for everyone to appreciate it by themselves, or review the old machine for evaluation.

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▲ After attaching the book cover, the S Pen can be placed in the spine of the book.


▲ When the S Pen is in use, it can also be temporarily placed on the right side of the fuselage by magnetic attraction (as shown in the figure), which is a very efficient operation method.


▲ The book cover can also be used as a non-segment bracket.


▲ The supporting force benefits from the installation of independent anti-skid strips on the inner frame side, so it is quite stable.

Performance measurement

The biggest difference between the old and new versions is that the original Orion Exynos 9611 processor was abandoned and the Qualcomm 732G processor was used instead. Compared with the specification table on the official website, the 2022 version of the LTE spectrum adds the B41 channel that Hong Kong does not use, and the Japanese QZSS quasi-zenith satellite system (but mainly serves Japan). In other words: 10.4-inch 2000 X 1400 resolution LCD screen, 4GB RAM + 128GB ROM and support for microSD card expansion up to 1TB, dual-band WiFi and 3.5mm headphone jack, and 7040mAh power, the new and old versions have the same features and selling points. So why did Ben YK choose to buy the 2022 new version instead of the old one?


▲ The Qualcomm S732G used in the new version uses an 8nm process, while the Exynos 9611 is only an old 10nm process; after all, one was released in 2018 and the other was released in 2020. There is a clear gap in technology maturity and process. Don’t underestimate the power of process upgrades, there will be actual measurements later!

Screenshot_20220719-105617_Geekbench 5.jpg

▲ Taking Geekbench 5 as an example, the new version uses the S732G processor, with single-core and multi-core scores of 564 and 1700 respectively; while the old version tested only 345 and 1169 points, and the processor performance gap is quite obvious.

Screenshot_20220720-130752_Geekbench 4.jpgScreenshot_20220720-130756_Geekbench 4.jpg

▲ Even more exaggerated is that the new version of Tab S6 Lite 2022 was tested for Geekbench 4 battery life under the same conditions. After more than 20 hours, the result reached 13120 points, but the old version only had 5900 points, and the battery life was far different!

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▲ As for the ROM reading and writing test results, it is similar to the old version, all four items are over 100, and there is no problem in daily use.

Screenshot_20220719-110111_HDR Check.jpg

▲ The display screen supports HDR HLG and HDR10/+ technology, but no additional support for Dolby Vision technology.

System overview

The old version is pre-loaded with Android 10 system, and the new version of Tab S6 Lite 2022 naturally adopts the latest Android 12 with OneUI 4.1 interface.

Screenshot_20220620-124350_One UI Home.jpgScreenshot_20220620-124341_One UI Home.jpg

▲ In recent years, Samsung’s own OneUI has also begun to move towards a streamlined route, which is mainly based on its own utility apps; third-party software includes Netflix, Spotify, two entertainment apps, and Microsoft Office suites are also preloaded.

Screenshot_20220620-125042_Samsung DeX Home.jpg

▲ Since it is a Tab S series product, of course, there is Samsung’s own DeX interface!


▲ There are not too many LTE tablets on the market that have to make phone calls. The new version of Tab S6 Lite retains this advantage.

Summary: Giveaways attract, new version updates So

The summary of the old Tab S6 Lite two years ago can still be copied and pasted in 2022. The new version uses a new SoC processor chip: better performance and longer battery life. It is the best choice for Samsung’s current flagship tablet. You can buy an LTE phone tablet that supports S Pen at a price of a few thousand. There is no opponent to fight. Coupled with the high quality of the gift set and the small fan, this YK is more comfortable in body and mind after receiving the goods.

If you just watch videos, the lower-level thousand-yuan tablet will be your good friend, but if you want to take into account the needs of entertainment and Office work: engage in document field, correct PDF signatures, etc., deeply combine Microsoft Office suite and S Pen blessing The Tab S6 Lite would be a good choice. Of course, users need to configure their own Bluetooth keyboard, or consider an official keyboard cover.


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