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After the Marches with more than 60 years, from on Monday 22 November at 10.00 even the over 40s will be able to book the third dose of vaccine who have taken the second dose for at least six months. Caregivers can also book regardless of age, i.e. those who assist non self-sufficient and frail people who will be taken care of directly by the centers that treat them (for example diabetics, dialysis patients, cancer patients and carriers of other chronic diseases).

The booking methods are always the same through the site https://prenotazioni.vaccinicovid.gov.it or through the Toll-free number 800.00.99.66 from 8 to 20 and with the other methods activated by the Italian Post Office as well as by the regional website https://www.regione.marche.it/Entra-in-Regione/Vaccini-Covid/Prenotazioni.

In the case of the over 40s, therefore the range from 40 (1981) to 59 years, the total audience counts 346 thousand people, but by Monday 22nd, 115,297 people will have matured 6 months from the second dose. As for the caregivers, there are a total of 34,741 people in the Marche and 13,155 those who will be able to get vaccinated from Monday because the 6 months have expired.

“The anticipation of the third dose for the over 40s compared to the date of 1 December indicated by Commissioner Figliuolo – highlighted the regional councilor for health, Filippo Saltamartini – responds to the need to allow the completion of the vaccination phase with the booster dose in the as short as possible to those who request it “.

As already known, the “booster” dose will be performed with Pfizer or Moderna m-RNA vaccines regardless of any type of vaccine previously administered.

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With the collaboration of Poste Italiane, it is also possible to book in the PostaMat active on the regional territory (just insert the health card), through the postmen who deliver the mail at home or by sending an SMS with the tax code to the number 339.9903947 (within 48- 72 hours you will be contacted to proceed by telephone to choose the place and date of the appointment). Once the booking has been started, the user will be immediately notified of the day, the location where the vaccine will be administered and the time in which he must present himself at the Vaccination Point. To speed up waiting times, it is useful to present yourself at the vaccination point with the forms (anamnesis and informed consent) already filled in.

As for the previous administrations, in the event that the person finds it difficult to reach the vaccination centers, he can contact his general practitioner who can schedule the vaccination at home.

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