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NEXT WEEK, a new CYCLONE will put Italy under pressure; the details

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NEXT WEEK, a new CYCLONE will put Italy under pressure;  the details

Next week: very dynamic with the risk of heavy rainfall

Next week promises to be very eventful: according to the latest updates, a new cyclonic vortex descending from Northern Europe will impact Italy as early as Monday 26th, causing heavy rainfall in some of our regions
And it doesn’t end here, this climate trend seriously risks accompanying us until the start of March.

But let’s go in order. Starting from Monday 26 February, a deep cyclone full of cold air will head straight towards our country: it will be a vast depression area with its driving center between France and the Iberian Peninsula, progressively moving towards the south-east (therefore precisely in the direction of ‘Italy).

What will the consequences be? The more than concrete risk is that of having to deal with intense rainfall in particular in Piedmont, Lombardy, Liguria, Tuscany and part of the Tyrrhenian sectors of Lazio. Given the slightly decreasing temperatures, snow will also return to the Alps, with flakes starting from 900/1000 meters above sea level (we will have the opportunity to update on this in the next few days). Then, thanks to a temporary rise in high pressure, we will have greater atmospheric stability over a large part of the country, with more sunshine and increasing temperature values.

But be careful, at the end of the week, from Thursday 29th and for the first days of March, the formation of a “Mediterranean cyclone” will trigger a dangerous wave of bad weather across a large part of our central-southern regions. According to the latest weather updates, the areas potentially most at risk are Sicily and Calabria: here, in fact, the cyclone is ready to pour out all its energy with thunder showers and with the possibility of local storms which could lead to serious flooding in the areas where the rains will be more persistent. Mediterranean cyclone forming over the next week. This new unstable phase will have to be followed step by step in the next few days as it could involve more regions than expected and above all last longer, until the first part of March , with so much rain as we hadn’t seen for a long time.

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