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Niantic and Nintendo’s new AR mobile game “Pikmin” launched today, and “Pokemon GO” walking craze again | 4Gamers

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Passing by is full of flowers. Niantic officially launched the new AR mobile game “Pikmin Bloom” today (27). Let the mini alien “Pikmin” who loves to climb and walk with you to record the walks and experience, and fall in love with walking together.

“Pikmin Bloom” has been launched on iOS and Android platforms in Australia and Singapore, and supports mobile phones and tablet devices; it will be launched in the global market one after another. (Australia: iOS, Android)

Similar to the game experience of “Pokemon GO” that allows you to climb and walk everywhere, “Pikmin Bloom” allows players to carry a special backpack that records the number of steps. Starting from the “germination” of Pikmin, everything is completed by walking; the system will also record everything Only the budding position of Pikmin creates memories of life.

Like the original game, if you walk, Pikmin will follow, and you will assemble when you whistle. Give the fruits that Pikmin likes, let them extract the essence, and it will bloom and grow, and it will help you bring more seeds back.If you don’t like him…you can let it go, but no, it’s cute

The point is! Every Pikmin can be named by himself…so what a small universe is to be created or what to do, everything is fine!

“Pikmin Bloom” corresponds to a Nintendo account and a default Mii character, plus iOS and Android related health record apps; and, because it has real-time positioning requirements, the system must be allowed to always open the positioning function.

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You can check your walking steps and route every day, add notes and photos; occasionally, it can trigger Pikmin to bring back postcards from places he has been to, freely or send them to friends to add life memories.

Nintendo released “Pikmin” on GameCube in 2001. Players command the mini-alien “Pikmin” to collect materials on the planet and fight enemies. The playful atmosphere full of fun and healing, as well as the highly recognizable character modeling, has always been quite popular in Nintendo’s home camp.


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