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Niantic x Nintendo teamed up to launch Pikmin AR’s new work “Pikmin Bloom” to record life and enjoy the fun of walking

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Game developer Niantic. today officially released “Pikmin Bloom” to players around the world. The official said that the purpose of launching this mobile game is to let everyone enjoy the fun of walking. “Pikmin Bloom”, jointly developed by Niantic and Nintendo, allows players to form an exclusive team of cute Pikmin, and with their help easily record their walks and experiences. “Pikmin Bloom” is currently open to players in Australia and Singapore to download and play.

What is Pikmin?

Pikmin is a miniature plant-like creature, although it is invisible to the naked eye,But they are actually by our side. Just open “Pikmin Bloom” to see them. When the flower seedling grows up, it will become Pikmin,The Pikmin you planted will follow you around. They like to eat fruit extracts most,After eating, it will bloom on the head. There are all kinds of Pikmin in “Pikmin Bloom” waiting for you to discover and interact with them.

Let more Pikmin grow up through a walk

The most important thing every day in “Pikmin Bloom” is walking. Players will find Pikmin flower seedlings during a walk, as long as they walk more,The bigger Pikmin team can be built. Wait until the flower seedlings mature,Pikmin can be pulled out. Take more walks and become good friends with more Pikmin!

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Take a walk to let the flowers bloom

All kinds of fruits found in the game can provide essence,Just feed them to Pikmin around them, and they will have beautiful flowers on their heads.Collect petals and plant them along the way while walking, and the flowers will bloom one by one following the player’s footsteps.Leave a colorful flower path. Create flower paths with friends and players and make the world alive!

Take a walk to record your life

After a busy day, players can check their walking steps and route.Adding annotations and photos to life records can make an ordinary day meaningful.Pikmin will also bring back postcards from the places you have been, you can stay as a souvenir,Or send it to friends in the game.

Days to walk with everyone

“Pikmin Bloom” will hold a community day event every month, allowing you to stroll with other players,Plant flowers and have fun. Stay tuned for details of the event.

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“Pikmin Bloom” is a free game that is currently available for download on the App Store and Google Play by players in Australia and Singapore, and players from other regions will be able to join in the event soon. Let “Pikmin Bloom” be your best partner and leave a fun and unforgettable walking experience every day.I look forward to seeing beautiful flowers all over the world one day.


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