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Nino Frassica, the confession on the health problem: “Very strong pains” – the Democrat

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Nino Frassica, the confession on the health problem: “Very strong pains” – the Democrat

Nino Frassica wanted to share a problem he experienced on his skin. His are very strong words

Nino Frassica he decided to break the silence and tell that terrible experience which he experienced firsthand. A noteworthy success is the one that Nino Frassica has managed to conquer over the years. An actor who did, of the comedyhis life even if they are different roles which he managed to play with enormous success.

And it is precisely for this reason know how to reinvent yourself in every challenge he faces that the Italian people always have amato e following. A man who in the past has worked hard to the point that there are many films in which we have seen him act. However, his is not just a career dedicated to the world of cinema, as he has also given his best in various television programs.

A career that of Nino Frassica thus started as a comicsomething that he succeeds very easily precisely because, as he himself says “Fortunately, I soon discovered that on my father’s side we are all witty, cazzari. I started performing in bars: I was talking bullshit and, in the end, I made it a job “.

The problem that shook Nino Frassica

Nino Frassica confession on the health problem

His life was full of satisfactions, even if he had to deal with some Health problems which almost forced him to leave the career built up to that moment. And so Nino Frassica tells, as we read on the web, of that health problem which he began to accuse just as he had just taken the stage. He starts to feel great pain in the abdomen.

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“I have just set foot on stage, when a pain in the abdomen comes. I grit my teeth, but I begin to whiten. Extreme pains, there, in the belly, I can’t speak “. It was this situation that led him to be hospitalized immediately to the hospital. It is he himself who tells us that the situation was so urgent and rapid to the point of being hospitalized still wearing the clothes he was using for go on stage.

For him everything becomes much more confused when he begins to see, around him, a comings and goings of doctors e you nurses taking care of that actor lying on the bed. After some investigation the doctors find that Nino Frassica was hit by a biliary colic. A pathology caused by some gallbladder stones.

For sure it was this one very scary moment for the actor. Problem from which, fortunately, he was able to heal and return stronger than before.

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