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‘No glasses, plexiglass or plastic dividers’, ‘anti-contagion suits are provided free of charge by the Region or ASL’

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Rome, May 3 (beraking latest news Salute) – A protocol proposal to be applied in all Italian RSAs to reopen for family visits. It is the one sent today by Orsan, the Open RSA Now committee made up of relatives of patients admitted to assisted health facilities, to the Minister of Health Roberto Speranza with the request that “the protocol be” reviewed, improved and approved by the CTS “by means of an urgent order. “. “The Pec has just started and now from Minister Speranza – the president Orsan Dario Francolino tells beraking latest news Salute – we expect a response in a short time”.

Since these are interventions related to the care of fragile and non-autonomous people – we read in the document drawn up by the Orsan – we ask that: 1) family members are guaranteed access to the facility always and in any case, in safety, on the basis of scheduled visits and / or urgent; 2) Medical visits by a medical / technical specialist, external to the structure, are always allowed, in any condition and shared with family members, since they contribute substantially to the quality of life and to the maintenance of the patient’s health. Sharing with family members must concern both the choice of the specialist and the treatment or intervention strategy. 3) the visit of the family member is carried out in agreement with the structure, respecting patient / family privacy, for a time that is considered significant starting from 45 minutes and adequate to re-establish communication with people who have experienced deprivation of affection for 14 months, who are in the final phase of life and / or disease-tested and who have sensory / cognitive deficits. Each situation will be carefully evaluated case by case, at the center is the good of the person hospitalized in the structure.

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4) Visits take place in dedicated areas with specific and shared rules but excluding means of distancing such as plexiglass, plastic or glass doors, i.e. physical encounters are possible (handshake, caress, hugs), without barriers and without the continuous surveillance by an operator of the facility, between a resident and a family member per visit. (In the case of a path inside the RSA living environment, the family member is accompanied by an operator).

5) As an alternative to visits to the structure, the guest can freely go out with his family for a walk. Medical visits and routine checks must always be guaranteed, and cannot in any way limit the number of parental visits; 6) The reopening to visits in presence cannot inhibit or limit in any way the telephone contacts of the guest with friends and family; 7) Visitors, vaccinated or not, are obliged to carry out the triage and to present the negative result of a swab performed privately or directly in the structure not earlier than 48h the visit. We ask that the tampon be provided free of charge by the Region / Local Health Authority or carried out in dedicated clinics at a controlled price to be agreed, in any case not exceeding 5/8 euros.

And again: 8) Visitors wear the garments periodically agreed with the structure, based on the emergency and the conditions of the guests. We ask that emergency devices such as the anti-contagion suit be provided free of charge by the Region / Asl or sold directly in the structure at controlled prices (max 8 euros); 9) Visitors have the duty and moral obligation to: limit their movements within the visiting areas (private rooms or nuclei to which the guest belongs) and the paths agreed with the reference structure avoid creating dedicated gatherings the visit exclusively to your guest avoiding contact with other guests or their family members present in the structure.

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