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“No more band-aids – now we need a care strategy!”

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“No more band-aids – now we need a care strategy!”

Tuesday, February 20, 2024, 10:45 a.m

Hearing in the Bundestag is taking place on the topic “Ensuring the supply of medicines – ensuring security of supply”. It’s high time, because the number of bottlenecks remains high. The measures taken so far are not enough – politicians finally need a supply strategy.

On February 21, 2024, at the request of the CDU/CSU, a hearing on the problem of drug shortages will take place. Bork Bretthauer, managing director of Pro Generika, is also invited as an expert. For him it is clear: Parliament must finally act!

“Neither the Supply Bottleneck Act (ALBVVG) nor the pharmaceutical strategy are suitable for solving the problem of the drug emergency. This is shown by the current shortages of antibiotics and HIV medications. All the steps taken so far have been small plasters on big problems. What is needed now is a supply strategy!”

Neither ALBVVG nor pharmaceutical strategy stabilize supply

Cost pressure has been pushing manufacturers out of the market for decades. Bretthauer: “Politicians have known this for a long time, but reacted far too late and too timidly. The ALBVVG only regulates 1 percent of medicines and the pharmaceutical strategy does absolutely nothing for the supply of generics.”

Incentives are needed again, says Bretthauer. “The production of essential medicines must be worthwhile again. Relaxations must not only apply to children’s medicines, they must be extended to all medicines at risk of shortages. As long as we don’t develop a strategy, we will continue to stumble from bottleneck to bottleneck.”

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