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No more pressure drops with this must-eat food and it’s not sugar

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The torrid heat has been accompanying our days for over 60 days and with the arrival of summer, fainting episodes are on the agenda.

But don’t worry because we will never again have pressure drops with this absolutely must-eat food and it’s not sugar.

In fact, it can happen to have sudden sudden drops in pressure. They usually manifest themselves through dizziness and dizziness, a strong sense of fatigue, cold sweats, nausea, blurred vision, lightheadedness, up to fainting. This condition of hypotension, which consists in having blood pressure much lower than normal, can be of an occasional but also chronic type.

No more pressure drops with this must-eat food and it’s not sugar

But to come to our rescue, in the event that we should find ourselves in a situation of hypotension, is the salt. In fact, the ideal is to drink a glass of water with a pinch of salt, or to put grains of salt under the tongue. However, water alone is a cure-all in these cases, as it immediately increases blood pressure levels. In fact, it dilutes the blood and the salts that compose it, so that the pressure increases to re-establish the saline supply of the blood and to bring the values ​​back to normal. To enhance the effect of water and make it more lasting, it is good to add a few grains of salt.

A common mistake in low blood pressure

A common mistake in case of hypotension is to give the person water and sugar or various sweets. In reality, in this case there is only an increase in glucose which is not useful for increasing blood pressure.

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What to do in case of low blood pressure

The first action to do in case of low blood pressure and feeling of loss of consciousness is to lie on your back with your stomach facing up, legs raised and drink a glass of water with a pinch of salt. Or eat a piece of Parmesan which is an excellent substitute for salt.

On the other hand, those suffering from hypertension must pay particular attention to salt, as it can lead to an increase in pressure. It can be remedied using ginger, as we explain in this article: No more high blood pressure and hypertension with this powerful anti-inflammatory and detox spicy spice.

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