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No Reichelt-stroking rhyme, Aiwanger as a fuel element? Habeck perspectives

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No Reichelt-stroking rhyme, Aiwanger as a fuel element?  Habeck perspectives

gasoline in the veins

Als Janis Joplin „O Lord, won’t You buy me, a Mercedes-Benz‘ sang, all was right with the world. Janis’ friends all drove Porsches and a color TV was not yet the norm but something not everyone could afford.

The hippie myth revolved around sex, drugs & rock and roll, the Easy Riders crossed the continent on funny motorcycles, it was a bit rebellious-alternative, a bit breaking a taboo, mobility by “Bully” was so popular that the souvenirs can still be bought today.

Many of the “opponents of conservative society” have “gone to the dogs” and/or have (again) adapted to the system.

There was no talk of energy and raw material shortages, or even of the greenhouse effect, even if there were car-free Sundays and motorway speed limits – which officially happened because of artificial shortages and energy price increases. However, there has already been singing against the destruction of nature.

“Air quality” has long been a common expression. It has long been thought that a few filters for waste incineration plants would be sufficient. But in the meantime the climate has shifted and we really shouldn’t ignore huge wildfires anymore. Satellites provide hourly information on the status of the fires – worldwide. Whoever is already blowing up dams “preventively” and flooding huge areas: These arsonists are certainly not engaged in fire protection.

Anyone who puts a cress eicher on the windowsill will not achieve much with this “ideal world policy” – but that’s not the point either. Completely different formations could work, which will soon have to be organized.

The example shows on a small scale how indispensable water is in food production, but here we have a bad hand:

Respect for animals dependent on humans, also concern for our health, were the motives, e.g. B. to develop vegetarian spreads to make yourself – compared to the prevailing consumerism such prescriptions are, however, most insignificant.

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“Consumerism” – compulsive consumption / consumption follows the motto

“Have something, be something.
Do you have something, do you wear it out –
like a/every commodity,
which you inevitably portray yourself.”

This is also clear to the kids, who, as a status symbol for their parents, are supposed to thrive in a culture of pampering: the convertible for their 18th birthday can be it, and things are safe because they can’t fall on the roof…

A “Circular Economy Session” at the end of March d. J. brought clarity to the question of why we need resource protection goals in order to actually achieve sustainable development. A paper by Janine Korduan, consultant for circular economy, BUND eV states:

“… the primary goal of circular economy must not be to circulate materials in any way, but to reduce the consumption of primary raw materials in absolute terms.”

Background: For example, packaging is mainly produced for one-time use, but even the most extensive recycling would only reduce environmental pollution to a limited extent.

Not the resource turnaround as part of the turning point in time eludes consciousness, but consciousness refuses the resource turnaround.

Downsides of solar energy

Because greenhouse gases keep more warm than “one” thought and wanted, and because of the corresponding international “climate agreements” we harvest solar energy, which is caught with rather black “panels”, and electricity can be harvested.


“…increasingly, large investors are buying farmland at a price that farmers cannot match. This has dramatic consequences: Between 2010 and 2020, agricultural land in this country became more expensive by an average of 126 percent.

The solar farms, as they are installed, are strongly reminiscent of landscape sealing, with which the environment is destroyed on a large scale – there are solutions that allow agricultural land and solar power systems to coexist, namely “photovoltaics on stilts”.

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There are even crops that do better in the shade than in full sun; Here it is important to draw the corresponding conclusions.
Die Agricultural and food turnaround is necessary anyway due to the increasingly poor environmental conditions and for the global stop of hunger and starvation, even if it is often “misunderstood”:

“The Germans should NOT eat meat AT ALL, they should have a completely “plant-based diet”. There Plan comes from the Green Environment Ministry.”

Potato salad with ideological sausages.

What the fellow citizen Reichelt labeled as a plan, was probably more of a part of a simulation game, and anyway the Environment Ministry has no say, or about as much as a concerned citizen who wants to know what is to become of the “organic food basic supply”.

In connection with Reichelt, the pun can still be said that “Reichelt” refers to “strich’ rhymes, can almost disappear into it. Nuhr doesn’t make a verse out of this, but emphasizes that Germany is innocent of climate change, and Aiwanger rages in Erding to heat up the mood against the heating modernization law. You would then only need it, a heat exchanger and a district heating network during the heating period – for heating.
Söder, on the other hand, always stays calm and only sips a little when he taps full barrels.

When it comes to the keyword “Planetary Health Diet”, which immediately comes to mind when it comes to conserving resources in nutritional issues, there may be criticism of “1001 Competence Sites”, which each draw up papers to underline their “efficiency”.

The shameless polemics in the field of nutritional policy – there are calls to eat meat and drink milk, the parents’ right to children’s advertising for sweets is invoked and fantasized, nutritionists want it Currywurst consumption caps – are supposed to poison the social climate. It would have been important to radically stop this down-to-earth populist demagogy – although we don’t have an obesity association that would have protested, dealing decently with the feelings of those affected by eating disorders is actually a matter of course, even without a committed association.

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We owe a remarkable quote from the Minister of Food to these taunts:

“The firewall to madness is currently being massively torn down. That’s a problem, because neither the CDU/CSU, nor the Greens, nor the SPD, nor the FDP benefit from it.”

Vice-Chancellor Habeck attributes cheap populism, the cheap “game” of beating up the other side instead of asking for their healthy shares, to attention-economy constraints, and the “network community” agrees.

The importance of the speed limit is rather marginal compared to climate-neutral heating, he says. This realization comes a bit suddenly and unprepared – but with all the car joy, let’s get in the mood for reductions in “bicycle subsidies”.

You could also think across sectors, and think about “health” in the car industry, consider what makes a healthy environment and devote yourself to the “Northern Hesse question”:

More overweight people live in northern Hesse than in the rest of the country. This is based on health insurance data. The fewest obesity cases are in the Hochtaunuskreis.

Why is that?

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