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Nobody knows, but these foods greatly aggravate the headache

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Nobody knows, but these foods greatly aggravate the headache

Do you often suffer from headache? Migraines affect 86% of women, more than the average for men, but beware there are some foods that aggravate the headache. Do you want to know which ones? Keep reading.

This ailment is very common and gets worse with heat and stress. Working indoors with no air, too much air conditioning, or drinking too little water and constipation can affect this disorder. The lifestyle in fact it proves to be a great and fundamental one medicine which will allow you to feel better day after day and you will see this symptom gradually disappear or appear less frequently.

Nutrition also plays a fundamental factor in migraine and its frequency.

Foods that aggravate headaches

Headache can depend on many factors; they are currently still in progress many studies in an attempt to clarify the nature of the attacks, which can last several days and recur periodically. The triggering causes they are not always univocal and clear to define even if they can often contain psychological or related aspects stressas well as can be related to food.

Research shows that the foods they contain tyramineaffect the release of norepinephrine stimulating the increase in heart rate and blood pressure. This favors the appearance of the headache. Often with nausea and palpitations. Here are the foods that aggravate headaches:

  • Herring and “red meat” fish: red meat fish like mackerel, tuna fish, sardine, herring, mahi mahi, anchovies (in particular anchovies in oil, salted anchovies and anchovy paste) are rich in tyramine. It is essential to consume fresh fish and keep it at the temperature of melting ice for a short time.
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2. Yeast extract: contains 150gr of tyramine for only 100gr

3. Dairy products: a product such as cheddar contains 146 mg of tyramine per 100 g, while an Emmenthal type cheese has 51 mg per 100 g. From national cheeses such as grana (29 mg of tyramine per 100 g of product) and pecorino (24 mg of tyramine per 100 g) to the famous products beyond the Alps, it is good to pay attention to all cheeses.

4. Potatoes: on 100 g of product it is possible to find an average content of 84 mg of tyramine.

5. Fruit: avocado, plums, figs, dried fruit and grapes, which on average contains 69 mg of tyramine per 100g of product.

6. Chocolate: rich in precious antioxidants, but better to avoid milk or white one if you have frequent headaches.

7. Alcohol: Aged wine and beer can affect headaches due to the tyramine content and is also a vasodilator, which causes more headaches.

Also, make sure you go to the bathroom frequently for both defecation and urine; this helps to eliminate toxins and waste and to cleanse the organism. Very important for headaches.

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