Home Health Nobody knows that INPS pays 290 euros a month for this serious eating disorder

Nobody knows that INPS pays 290 euros a month for this serious eating disorder

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Nobody knows that INPS pays 290 euros a month for this serious eating disorder

Eating disorders are among the very common pathologies, especially among adolescents.

People with eating disorders are often driven by different psychological states, such as anxiety or depression.

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INPS pays 290 euros per month for this problem, which one?

These states can in fact lead to the loss of control of one’s eating habits. Anorexia nervosa is characterized by high weight loss caused by a low-calorie diet or excessive physical activity or self-induced vomiting. It is a mental disorder that if not treated properly and quickly can lead to serious consequences.

In some cases it could even be fatal. Health problems associated with anorexia can relate to the muscles and bones, including weakness, osteoporosis, and physical development problems in adolescents. At the same time they can cause cardiocirculatory disorders, such as irregular heartbeat, heart failure, low blood pressure, heart valve disease, swelling of the feet, hands and face.

In addition, anorexia can lead to difficulty concentrating, seizures, kidney or liver damage and hypoglycemia. Sometimes it may happen that someone with anorexia nervosa may develop an additional eating disorder, called bulimia nervosa.

Anorexia nervosa and 100% disability, when recognized

inps pays a pension for eating disorders
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Given that this condition can have rather serious and disabling consequences, our legislator foresees the possibility of obtaining the recognition of disability. However few know that INPS pays 290 euros per month to those who suffer from these disorders in a serious way. Just like with other disabling physical conditions, such as heart disease or diabetes.

The INPS guidelines in fact, for the assessment of disabling states, they insert anorexia nervosa among the diseases that can give the right to disability. For the purposes of the medico-legal framework of mental anorexia, 3 functional classes are distinguished based on the physical condition of the subject and the course of the disease. The onset of the disease in the prepubertal period constitutes an aggravation factor in the evaluation range. In any case, INPS will schedule a periodic review of the evaluation.

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To get 290 euros per month, in addition to the income requirements, the INPS must recognize a disability equal to or greater than 74%. In the INPS guidelines, if anorexia nervosa is recognized as mild, the percentage will be 35%. In the case of a moderate degree, the percentage may rise to 45%. While if it is recognized as serious, the percentage of disability may fluctuate between 75% and 100%.

In the latter case, INPS pays 290 euros per month in favor of those suffering from this serious condition. In any case, the interested party may challenge the report of the Medical Commission by proposing an opposition before the judicial authority within 6 months of its communication.

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