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Noise Awareness Day: Action day against noise

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Noise Awareness Day: Action day against noise

Noise is an environmental toxin

Since 1998, the last Wednesday in April has been considered international day against noise(Noise Awareness Day). Noise is classified as an environmental toxin that can make you ill. In 2022, the day against noise falls on April 27th. It is organized by the German Society for Acoustics (Dega) in cooperation with the Federal Environment Agency. As a nationwide day of action, the day against noise is aimed particularly at children and young people. It is intended to draw attention to noise pollution and its health consequences. On your webpage day against noise informs Dega about the actions.

Road traffic is the most polluting

According to a survey by the Federal Environment Agency, traffic noise is the most annoying noise in everyday life. This is confirmed by André Fiebig, Professor of Psychoacoustics at the Technical University of Berlin. Road traffic noise has the greatest impact. He recommends to those who live on a noisy street: “Don’t put additional strain on your ears with continuous noise from headphones and consciously seek out quiet places in your free time. That can have a relaxing effect.” Special noise insulation for doors and windows can also help.

If in doubt, contact the authorities and demand remedial action

As a last resort against traffic noise, earplugs help, which insulate well against low frequencies. However, Dirk Schreckenberg, deputy chairman of the Dega noise working group, considers this to be a drastic measure: “People affected by noise should contact the responsible authorities, such as the environmental office or road traffic authority, and urge them to eliminate the noise pollution. Going to the member of the Landtag or Bundestag for the constituency can also help.”

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Noise action plans with concrete measures

All cities and municipalities must draw up noise action plans by mid-2024. They should contain concrete measures on how noise can be reduced and be implemented as comprehensively as possible. The public is involved in this. Dirk Schreckenberg recommends contacting the environmental offices in the districts and in the big cities. “They can provide information on how noise action planning is carried out at the place of residence of those affected.”

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