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not just a more serious disease

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not just a more serious disease

L’obesity, as is well known, it is a pathology that easily increases health risks. Also with regard to the Covid and the effects of severe illness. However, a study has discovered new risks that can arise for those who are significantly overweight.

Covid and obesity, not only serious disease among the risks

The study, carried out by Scottish researchers from the University of Edinburgh and published in MedRxiv, has made it possible to ascertain what health authorities around the world have long suspected. Not only can obesity cause more serious illness if a SARS-CoV-2 infection occurs, but it also reduces the vaccine antibody response, even in those who have completed the course with booster doses. The risks, in fact, are much higher than those of normal weight people. This is certainly not a surprise: obesity, as long established, reduces the effectiveness of various vaccines, well known and administered for years (such as tetanus, rabies, influenza or hepatitis vaccines A and B).

Covid and obesity, the study in Scotland

The researchers studied the cases of Scottish patients hospitalized and died from Covid between 14 September 2020 and 19 March this year, also analyzing the immune response of 3.5 million vaccinated adults across Scotland (with Pfizer-BioNTech and AstraZeneca). Of these 3.5 million, 16% are affected by obesity and 3% by class III obesity, the most severe. The study made it possible to ascertain that obese people have a significantly higher risk of hospitalization or death from Covid after the vaccine than people of normal weight. A risk that increases in parallel with the severity of obesity (the risk multiplication index varies from 1.11 for people with class I obesity to 1.76 for people with class III obesity).

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Covid and obesity, how immunity is reduced

In addition to being less effective, vaccine immunity for obese people also lasts less over time. In fact, Scottish researchers found that the most obese people became infected within the first two and a half months after the vaccine, while those of normal weight after five months. For the authors of the study, one of the possible explanations concerns the comorbidities that accompany obesity, such as type 2 diabetes, chronic kidney failure or heart failure. All diseases that increase the risk of Covid in a severe form. A possible solution, but still to be verified, for the researchers could be to expand the audience of priority administration of booster doses to obese people of all ages.

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