Home Health Not just bananas, these are the best foods to eat every day to reduce high blood pressure and heart attacks (especially if you are a woman)

Not just bananas, these are the best foods to eat every day to reduce high blood pressure and heart attacks (especially if you are a woman)

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Not just bananas, these are the best foods to eat every day to reduce high blood pressure and heart attacks (especially if you are a woman)

By taking potassium you can actively reduce blood pressure and lower the risk of heart attack

Potassium is a key element if you want to reduce high blood pressure and the risk of having a heart attack. Recent studies show that, especially for women, a potassium-rich diet is a great way to improve heart health.

When summer arrives, we immediately start worrying about the effects of prolonged heat and sweating a lot. Among these is certainly the abundant loss of mineral saltsincluding sodium, magnesium and the potassium. To maintain the right level of potassium, you can integrate more foods that will provide you with enough. You may be thinking about bananas – which undoubtedly contain potassium – but there are other foods that can greatly help you vary what you eat and still maintain a high level of potassium, which will help you ward off cardiac events such as heart attacks and heart attacks.

What to eat to supplement potassium?

There are actually several fruits or vegetables that contain much more potassium than bananas for the same weight. To replenish the mineral salts and in any case vary your diet in a delicious way you can use:

  • Avocado – while it’s a great source, it’s also high in fat, so don’t overdo it
  • Kiwi
  • shores
  • Spinach – which also contains iron, vitamin K, magnesium and sodium.
  • Watermelon – in addition to being a beloved fruit, it will also help you stock up on potassium. Two slices can give you up to 14% of your daily requirement
  • Sweet potatoes – not always available but excellent for the high amounts of potassium
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With these foods – to which you can always add a banana – you can prepare tons of tasty recipes that will help you reduce high blood pressure, especially if you are a woman.

How does potassium reduce the risk of heart attack?

The study published in the European Heart Journal conducted research on a very large sample: 25,000 men and women between the ages of 40 and 79 were monitored for two decades. Researchers noted that a good concentration of potassium lowers blood pressure in women, even in the case of a very salty diet. The results for men were not as promising, indicating a very specific correlation with female sex.

Getting more potassium would help the body to pass more sodium through the urine, actively lowering blood pressure. Each extra gram of potassium makes a huge difference and will help you fight high blood pressure.

Professor Liffert Vogt of the University of Amsterdam Medical School explained that potassium likely has other ways to help heart health as well:

The findings suggest that potassium helps improve heart health, but that women benefit more than men. The relationship between potassium and cardiac events was the same regardless of the amount of salt ingested, which could mean that potassium protects the heart in other ways than by improving sodium excretion.

Now you know how to start reducing high blood pressure and heart attack risk by using your fork first!

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