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Not just cars, even e-bikes equipped with assisted and autonomous driving systems

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It is not only cars that can take advantage of the assisted and autonomous driving systems. Even in the e-bike sector, ADAS technology (advanced driver assistance systems) is starting to be introduced and applied. Its use is determined by the need to improve safety for those who drive electric bikes. As the use of e-bikes spreads, in Europe it is estimated that in 2030 there will be 17 million sold during the year, the need to reduce the risks associated with their circulation emerges.

Cyclists, in general, are vulnerable and exposed to dangers that are sometimes lethal due to accidents with cars that mainly occur in cities. In the United States, the number of deaths driving electric bicycles is on the rise and older people in particular are among the most affected. In Italy, according to Istat – which, since 2020, has included the accident data of the new electric vehicles for soft mobility in its surveys – there are hundreds of injured and 6 deaths caused by accidents with e-bikes.

To ensure greater protection, the Streetlogic start-up has developed an ADAS system for electric bikes. In short, the driver’s safety would be ensured thanks to two cameras installed in the rear and front of the two-wheeled vehicle that are able to monitor the surrounding environment and promptly recognize dangerous situations. In this case, the system provides for the sending of acoustic signals and visual notifications via smartphone app, placed on the handlebar, in order to avoid the risk of collision with vehicles and people. It is already possible to pre-order Streetlogic products that will be launched on the market in the United States, Canada and Europe by the end of 2022.

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Road test

Montana Vektor E-Scud, the racing ebike that (almost) everyone agrees

by Emanuele Capone

The Swedish company Terranet has also prepared an innovative solution to equip e-bikes with driver assistance technology. The system created, called BlincBike, includes a display placed on the handlebar, a video camera placed under the seat and software based on artificial intelligence algorithms to identify in real time any threat that comes from behind, removed from normal sight, and classify the level of risk. In this way, the cyclist will be able to have a complete view of what is happening behind him, receiving warnings and tactile solicitations to manage dangers and avoid collisions and rear-end collisions that represent the most common accidents with bicycles.

Holoscene X is, on the other hand, an e-bike created by the German start-up Boréal Bikes which has developed an ADAS platform for electric bikes. The imperative is always the strengthening of safety which is guaranteed by sensors and cameras installed on the vehicle to better control the road and prevent accidents. Holoscene X is an e-bike that like connected cars can communicate with nearby IoT vehicles and objects. Its production is not yet planned for the market but the concept of a connected bicycle, equipped with assisted driving systems, suggests a trend towards the application of innovative and increasingly advanced technology in the micro-mobility sector.


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